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10 Ways To Feel Attractive Even With A Negative Body Image

Don’t let a negative body image stand in your way of looking attractive, or feeling sexy.

Your body image is all about how you perceive your own body. A negative body image is when you think about yourself in a negative way – feeling uncomfortable and unsatisfied with your physical appearance, which in essence have an adverse affect on your overall wellbeing.


How did your negative body image start?


To maintain a healthy balanced life and happiness, you need to figure out why you have this negative perception about yourself in the first place.


Ask yourself:

  • Was it during puberty when your body was going through a lot of natural changes, and some parts shaping funny – against what you belief is attractive?
  • Was it mass-media which has constructed an image of ‘attractiveness’ in your mind, and consequently been firmly ingrained in your way of thinking with constant imagery.
  • Maybe unwarranted and negative comments from teachers, friends and family which made you compare yourself to others and found yourself lacking?
  • Or your boyfriend or girlfriend pressuring you to look the way they think is the right look for you.

Think deeply about the root-causes specific to your own circumstance and write them down.


So how bad is your negative body image really?


A normal healthy weight range for an individual can be perceived as overweight if you have a distorted body image. For example, an anorexic young woman may may see a reflection greater than her actual size in a mirror.

Or, as some obese individuals reported that they did not realize they were as large – thinking they were much smaller – until they saw themselves in a video, or window reflection (some refuse to look in a mirror ever) or photo.

Or you’re convinced that only other people are attractive and your body size or shape is totally out of whack.

Or you simply feel awkward, ashamed, self-conscious, and anxious about the way you look, and you keep on making excuses when you have to expose your body, like going for a swim or during sex.

Now, think about this and determine how bad your perception about your body image is really, and what the true reasons are for you feeling this way.

Now make a list of the things you think you can do to start a new mental conversation with yourself about this, and how you can change it. Don’t Google it, think about it in a personal clear way.


10 ways to feel sexy and attractive


The difference between beauty and attractiveness

Attractiveness is not about beauty. Perfect physical features may be viewed as beautiful, but those who have them, don’t necessarily experience themselves as beautiful.


Attractiveness is about being pleasing or appealing to the senses, and harbouring qualities or features that arouse interest. It has the power to attract, to be appealing, captivating, charismatic, charming and engaging.


Beauty is a rigid, static physical image which can be Photoshopped or surgically obtained. Attractiveness is a fluid, a variable psychological experience, which develops and evolves over time.


You can be attractive to others or simply feel this way about yourself. It’s an attainable goal for those who take care of their bodies, enjoy their lives, maintain sensuality and engage with others.


10 ways to feel more attractive


  • Personal care: Keep yourself clean and well-groomed. Look after your skin. You will start to glow and others will notice. Buy something nice to wear that will make you look better. Something that will make you appear more confident.
  • Wear something sexy: Ever notice that when you are wearing something sexy it changes your whole energy? So wear something that makes your feel your best.
  • Treat yourself: Give yourself doses of lavish luxury, and permission to let go of any guilt and simply indulge in something that reawakens your sensual energy. This can be a massage or a hot date with yourself.
  • Develop an authentic smile: You will feel better and others will respond to you in a positive way.
  • Broaden your sense of humour: Humour is attractive
  • Develop a strong presence: resolve, determination and spirit are sexy
  • Build confidence: Confidence comes from knowledge and being congruent in your own beliefs. So keep learning, and always tell the truth, in life, business and relationships about who and what you are.
  • Listen to the Music: Music taps into your most authentic, deeply emotional place. Listen to the music that always make you feel good about life, not love, as love songs always make people feel lonely or that they missing something in their lives.
  • Accentuate the positive: Choose clothes, that accentuate your assets. Read positive books. Be around positive people. Be positive about the future.
  • Self-love and respect: The external pursuit of needing to change your body, can often damage you spirituality by isolating yourself from the internal-self: the spirit, the soul, and the whole authentic self. Take this back and focus on spirit rather than body.

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