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A collection of the most important people, blogs, and ideas in fitness, psychology, health, and personal development

1. The Union of Personal Development and Fitness

Nothing in life exists in a vacuum.

This applies to fitness as much as anything else. Your health directly affects every other aspect of your life from your mental capacity to your relationships to your self-esteem. Until recently, fitness has remained in isolation from many other aspects of life – at least in the way it has been treated in the blogosphere. I predict that the future is going to see a shift in thinking about fitness, not just as a way to get lean or strong, but as a way to enhance your entire life.

2. The Evolution of Intermittent Fasting

IF is going to be pushed relentlessly. The last few years have only birthed the movement. It’s now going to begin evolving. We will see some exciting new variations emerge in 2013 that will continue to spin traditional dieting and training wisdom on its head. Fat-adapted individuals will begin realizing the power in using body fat stores for energy. We are going to see some really cool feats of human strength, endurance, and speed performed by relying on the body’s fat stores alone for energy.

Intermittent fasting will grow in popularity in endurance athletics as well as traditional athletics.

3. Simplicity in Fitness and Life

When Martin Berkhan coined the term #fuckarounditis a massive shift began taking place away from meaningless, over-complicated, and downright goofy exercises back to a core set of compound movements that actually make a difference in terms of strength and physique results.

This shift will continue.

Beginning with the recent migration back to the Big 3 barbell movements – bench, squat, deadlift – simplicity is going to continue influencing our training, even to the point of ditching the weights altogether, as the bar community grows and grows around the world. and Bar-Brothers are exploding and have enormous (and extremely positive, uplifting) social media presences.

Simplicity may be sexy, but it’s not a fad.

Minimalism has blown up over the last couple years, blanketing the internet with fresh new ways to improve productivity, increase results, live mindfully, and hit the refresh button. Whether you decide to not set any goals this year and just live in your moment, or you decide to set the biggest, most impossible goals you can think of – then achieve them – distilling your actions down to simple, meaningful steps is what’s going to get you from point A to B.

Some of the most influential fitness bloggers on the web already advocate simplicity in their own approaches. And the list will grow as more and more people realize just how powerful ‘doing less’ can be.

And in life itself, we’re seeing a shift away from the noise – gravitating back to the signal. Influential power-blogger Chris Brogan recently announced the 3-Book Diet, a challenge I am personally undertaking this year in an effort to really focus my efforts on absorbing a subject to the point of mastery (by applying all the knowledge I learn) before moving on.

4. Finding and Doing What You Love

This applies to both fitness and your career/life-in-general. TEDx recently published a TED Talk by Scott Dinsmore of that has EXPLODED in popularity entitled How To Find And Do Work You Love, rocketing to 126,000 views (at time of writing) in the first month of being live on YouTube.

The message is powerful in and of itself, but you can also apply it to your fitness. Find and do a workout/nutrition routine that you love. Don’t just do things because other people say they’re the ‘golden ticket’ or ‘magic pill.’ Do something you enjoy and genuinely want to improve at this year and you’ll find yourself leaner, healthier, and happier in a couple months than you are now.

Many people hate the gym. If that’s you, do something else! There are plenty of ways to train and stay active.

5. Fitness Habits That Mirror Online Life

Let’s face it – we are online… all. the. time.

It’s not a bad thing – it is just reality. The internet has completely reshaped how we think and act. So why do people get so flustered and frustrated when they can’t understand why their old exercise habits no longer work? It’s quite simple: they do not fit into your new life. Leo Babauta just posted on this phenomenon and gave some helpful tips for actually forming a sustainable – realistic – fitness habit entitled “The New Rules Of Fitness.” Check it out because it is spot-on.

6. The Broscience Apocalypse

The broscience post-apocalypse has already begun (maybe that’s what the Mayans meant to predict), and the movement is strong. It’s going to grow in 2013 – hopefully to the point of unfounded “facts” masquerading as conventional wisdom will all but be eliminated from the minds of everyone with more than 1/2 a brain.

It’s kind of like The Walking Dead. You have the zombies – broscientists and meatheads – walking around without brains, and everyone else fighting them off and running away as fast as possible.

 7. The Resurgence Of Strategic Cardio

Cardio’s gotten a bad rap recently – and for many good reasons. I myself am not a huge fan of any other form beyond sprinting for health and hormonal balance purposes. However, when used strategically, cardio can provide outstanding benefits, especially when making that final push to rid yourself of that last little bit of stubborn body fat around the belly button.

I’ve been using a strategic 5-day cycle to great effect recently: one I’ve never seen advocated elsewhere. Planning on writing  up a post about it next week too so make sure you’re on the list or check back often & you’ll get all the juicy details (will have pics too). Definitely think this approach is going to make some waves this year.

‘The best years of your life are the ones in which you decide your problems are your own. You do not blame them on your mother, the ecology, or the president. You realize that you control your own destiny.” – Albert Ellis

8. The Fat Burning Man Show

Host and creator of, Abel James – beyond having the best radio voice on the planet – continually pumps out episode after episode of outstanding material, mainly in the form of interviews with some of the biggest names in nutrition and fitness on the planet. For anyone looking to get lean and stay lean by educating yourself on the most pertinent nutrition topics in today’s climate, I highly recommend this show. It’s been #1 in Health and Fitness & Nutrition in several countries on iTunes including the US, consistently competing with Jillian Michaels – and always in the Top 10 – even when Apple mysteriously blacklists it from iTunes every now and again. Nbd.

9. FitSmart Crew

Co-hosts JC Deen and Roger Lawson take an entertaining and always-informative spin on podcasting, infusing their humor with some solid info on topics like Former Fat Boy Syndrome, mass gain protocols, lifting equipment, video games, nutrition, and personal training as a profession.

10. The Road To Ripped

RtR, as my co-host Greg O’Gallagher of and I like to call it, is brand new to the scene but we’ve got some SICK stuff planned for everyone. On the show we focus on helping you find a sustainable and enjoyable approach to getting ripped. We share all sorts of our own tactics to gain muscle and lose fat – some of them pretty unconventional but very effective – and we emphasize the importance of enjoying the journey itself instead of focusing intently on some big intangible goal (that you may never reach). Getting lean and staying lean is all about those small, consistent steps that form habits. In a chill, but knowledge-packed, show format we shed some serious light on the realities of the process… oh yeah, and we have a lot of fun.


11. Paleo Solution

Robb Wolf’s podcast is definitive. He’s an industry leader in paleo nutrition and, coming from a background as a research biochemist, he always gives the meat to back his claims up (to use a paleo pun). Check out Robb’s podcast for anything and everything you’ve ever wondered (and probably a bunch of stuf you’ve never wondered about but would love to know) about not just paleo nutrition, but human nutrition.

12. Ben Greenfield Fitness

Ben also has an outstanding show and takes the bend more towards helping endurance athletes and other athletes to train intelligently and healthily, focusing on the best tactics to get the most out of your training while maintaining hormonal balance. In Ben’s own words, “This will show you how to get your body performing at peak capacity, with maximum fat burning efficiency and ideal hormonal and health status, in the safest and fastest way possible.” Beyond talking about performance nutrition, Ben also regularly interviews world-class athletes such as Ironman World Champion Chris “Macca” McCormack.

13. Bulletproof Executive Radio

Dave Asprey, a biohacker on a mission, delivers AWESOME info through his Bulletproof Executive Radio Show. The show was #1 in Health & Fitness recently. Dave’s insights are super cool because they’re usually with regards to things that are important to your health, yet you rarely think about them before Dave points them out. Biohacking is meant to help you learn how to ‘bulletproof’ yourself, improving your biochemistry, body, and mind. It’s health with a Silicon Valley tech spin – definitely good stuff.

14. Brain In The Game

This is a really cool show with a sport psychology focus, but you don’t have to be an athlete to appreciate the tips you’ll learn about how to use your mind to unlock your training potential. I’m a brain nerd, so this type of stuff really appeals to my personal approach to fitness and I think a lot of people can benefit from training their mind just as hard as they train their bodies. Host Dave Diggle has a cool accent too.

15. TED Talks

TED is the coolest education media platform on the internet. Experts in every field known to man give short talks on the subjects of their expertise. The talks have been traditionally consumed in video format but now you can listen to them on-the-go via their podcast. TED also splits their subjects into separate shows so you can find things like TED Health/Art/Technology/etc as well.

16. The Nerdist

A hilarious and enriching show about nerdy things. We are all nerds inside. Chris Harwick, the host, interviews the biggest names in entertainment (Judd Apatow, Tom Hanks, Tom Morello, etc) routinely, giving listeners a backstage pass inside their lives – and their nerdy tendencies. It’s awesome to get that inside look. Very entertaining.

17. Adonis Lifestyle

A great show for anyone looking to transform their physique through realistic training and nutrition. The guys always have some inspiring success stories and drop tons of knowledge bombs, providing solid insights into today’s most relevant techniques/methods. Run by Brad Howard and the Adonis Index Team, online at

“It is not because things are difficult that we do not dare; it is because we do not dare that things are difficult.” – Seneca

44 People To Pay Close Attention To

The following people saw outstanding growth in their influence in health, fitness, and personal development-related fields in 2012. This list is comprised of both veterans and newcomers. I predict meteoric growth for them in 2013 and I cannot wait to see the world-changing things that happen this year because of these awesome people.

18. Steve Kamb | @SteveKamb

Steve has cultivated one of the coolest fitness communities on the internet. His blog, Nerd Fitness, has inspired thousands of people to embrace their inner nerd as a way to get fit. His work has been featured on Gizmodo and he’s even spoken at Google on health! is currently ranked in the top 35,000 websites in the world and climbing fast as Steve continues to change lives with Legos.

19. Chad Howse | @ChadHowse

Chad’s blog is all about teaching people to Be Legendary by going after health and fitness goals with no reservations. If you’re looking for that motivation to get up and kick some ass, then this is where you’ll get it. Here’s my favorite quote from Chad in his recent article Fuck Mediocrity… SO much truth in it:

“I’ve found that the best goals are process-driven expectations. They aren’t goals at all, but expectations of the quantity and quality of the work we can put in.”

20. JC Deen | @JCDFitness

JC had a big year in 2012 and is set to have an even bigger one in 2013. I’ve got boundless respect for this guy because he talks about real shit. He doesn’t get fluffy with his rhetoric and just puts it out there – with raw honesty. He talks about the important things behind getting fit as well as training: like mindset, insecurities, heartbeat. He’s doing meaningful work (and singing really, really well) and this year’s going to be even more of a breakthrough for him. Check him out at

21. Abel James | @FatBurnMan

In just over a year Abel has rocketed himself and his Fat Burning Man Show into the A-list. He is one of the coolest people I know and has epic plans for 2013. There is absolutely no doubt in my mind Abel’s business is going to explode this year as his reach expands. This guy is changing lives and having a great time doing it. Check him out at Oh yeah, and he just hit #1 on Amazon for his book Intro To The Paleo Diet. Congrats man!

22. Greg O’Gallagher | /KinobodyFitnessSystems

“The modern-day Adonis, the perfect combination of strength and aesthetics. Zyzz died – Greg lives on.” This is how I introduced Greg on our new Road To Ripped podcast episode 1. Beyond being a super cool dude, he’s got one of the best websites on the internet for no BS, to-the-point strength and dieting to get ripped and stay ripped. Greg is set to release his mass-gaining program soon so be on the lookout for it over at

23. Derek Flanzraich | @TheDerek

Derek is the founder & CEO of Greatist, a NYC-based health and wellness media startup that is making a huge impact right now. Their tagline “Choose Better” says it all.  Derek’s take on fitness, health, and happiness is helping countless people find the information they need to be their ‘greatist’ self.

24. Roger Lawson | @RogLaw

Roger is on a mission to sexify the world. In his own words, “My goal is simple: To make 100,000 people feel good and look great without turning it into a full-time job, all while having a helluva lot of fun along the way.” Rog is also the co-host of the FitSmart podcast with JC. Check him out at if you’re feelin’ the itch to join Team Sexy.

25. Sean Croxton | @UGWellness

Sean is the founder of Underground Wellness and, after starting off as a textbook-touting nutrition zealot, he’s come to see the light – or the Dark Side, as he likes to call it – and is now helping people get fit and healthy by questioning the pervasive conventional wisdom and challenging dogma.

26. Levi Clampitt | @LeviClampitt

Levi just launched his blog WithoutAGym and has been pumping out awesome work aimed at making an impact. He’s had some great writing recently on personal development and happiness and how it all fits into the fitness puzzle. Be sure and watch as this guy starts to soar in 2013.

27. Jason Ferruggia | @JasonFerrugia

Jason is a veteran and has been featured on some of the biggest fitness media outlets in the world: Livestrong, ESPN, Men’s Fitness, and even Fast Company – to name a few. His old-school approach to getting big and strong is refreshing in a world plagued with fuckarounditis. Check him out over at

28. Anthony Mychal | @Anthony_Mychal

Anthony has been putting out killer stuff lately. In a world where everyone focuses on fighting obesity, Anthony is fighting skinny-fatness, helping skinny-fat people finally get strong and bring their confidence to new levels. But he doesn’t stop there, focusing on really cool ‘tricking’ workouts and shedding light on lots of unconventional & important topics. Just look at the home page of his blog and you’ll be stuck there reading for hours.

29. Martin Berkhan | @MartinBerkhan

This man really needs no introduction: he’s the resident demigod of fitness on the internet right now, and has been for years. However, will 2013 finally be the year we see a book on intermittent fasting? You can only read a man’s entire website so many times before wanting more. Despite his low post-frequency on the Leangains blog nowadays, Martin’s a beast on twitter so follow him if you want tons of the most relevant up-to-date nutrition & training research and funny gym videos of dumb people trying to work out. And if you don’t know who he is, or why he is important, thanks for finally crawling out from under your rock.

30. Andy Morgan | @RippedBodyjp

Besides Martin, Andy is the other Leangains expert – using the protocol to get his clients ripped and strong. he is based out of Japan over at so he actually writes his blog in both English and Japanese, which is sick. If you’ve always wanted to get serious about Leangains, but could never get on Martin’s client (waiting) list, then I highly recommend hiring Andy to help you hit your goal physique.

31. Mark Sisson | @Mark_Sisson

Mark has grown his Primal empire far beyond his best-selling (and life-changing) book The Primal Blueprint. It’s going to be exciting to see what direction he takes Mark’s Daily Apple this year as paleo and primal nutrition continues exploding into the mainstream.

32. Dean Phillips | @DHeroTraining

My boy Dean, from across the pond, is one of the coolest, most genuine dudes I’ve ever met – and he devoted to helping guys live big and become their own hero. He does it all: fitness, confidence, dating, happiness – Dean’s a turn-key solution. He can even sing and write damn good songs. He recently launched his new blog at and got a legendary line-up of people to contribute. I’m so pumped for Dean as his blog grows and he gets the opportunity to touch tons of people and help them toward the life they’ve always wanted.

33. Ben Greenfield | @BenGreenfield

Ben not only has an outstanding blog and podcast show, but he’s an elite athlete and the leader in high-quality information on performance nutrition and training for endurance sports. It seriously seems as though he’s touched on every single training and nutrition topic known to man – I honestly do not know how he comes up with more material every week – but he does, and he’ll continue to. He was even gracious enough to interview me when I launched – so thank you, Ben!

34. Bret Contreras | @BretContreras

Bret has some awesome strength & conditioning research info on his site and just started offering a monthly research review service. He’s considered the glute expert and goes into a TON of detail on biomechanics and proper lifting techniques. Definitely check him out if you’re looking for more high-quality training info.

35. Robb Wolf | @RobbWolf

Robb is a paleo figurehead and hosts an outstanding show – The Paleo Solution. His website is, and will continue to be, a killer resource for ancestral health. For those new to Paleo, check out What Is The Paleo Diet?, one of the highest trafficked pages on his site.

36. Sol Orwell | @Sol_Orwell

Co-founder of – the resource for supplement and nutrition information – Sol is making a big impact on the world of health & fitness. He also has several other successful companies and epitomizes being an independent businessman who is following his passion to change the world. Sol also runs Reddit’s enormous (10k+ subscribers) Leangains subreddit, which is impressive and incredibly helpful for countless people.

37. Scott Sonnon | /ScottSonnon

I was first exposed to Scott via his inspiring Facebook presence and always look forward to reading his posts. At over 30,000 FB followers, you know he’s doing something right, and a quick trip to his page will leave you inspired to really overcome any obstacles in your path. Scott is one of the top trainers in the world, and after overcoming childhood obesity he’s on a mission to help others through natural health and physical fitness.

38. Scott Dinsmore | @_Scott_Dinsmore

I stumbled upon Scott’s blog via Corbett Barr, one of my favorite bloggers on the planet. Scott has completely dedicated his life to helping people find and do what they love. This is huge – just think about how much better a place the world would be if everyone was happy in their work: it would be unbelievable. 2012 was pivotal for Scott’s reach (especially with the viral spread of his TEDx talk above @ #4). 2013 is going to be even better.

39. Bethany Lee | @BethanyJoLee

Moderator of the best Health & Fitness Blogger group on LinkedIn (woot woot!) and blogger over at, Bethany is one of the most positive, encouraging people I’ve had the pleasure of getting to know online. She is super enthusiastic. And it’s contagious.

40. Allen Elliott | /TheAllenElliott

I had the pleasure of interviewing Allen on NoGym here a couple weeks ago and I have to say, he really inspired me. He’s killing it right now as a fitness model, inspiring lots of people with his positive presence and impressive physique. Check him out.

41. Michael McIntyre | @SomebodyLies

Michael is an up-and-coming fitness blogger at with a mission to help guys build strong, appealing physiques that will attract the opposite sex. Check out his Abercrombie Model workout to get that proportionate male model look.

42. Clint Nielsen | @CrudeFitness

Clint is an Aussie blogger at Crude Fitness who focuses on gimmick-free training and nutrition advice. His fitness journey started because of a man-boob joke (he’s now ripped) – so if you’ve got man-boobs, and are looking to shed them, give Crude Fitness a try. I also really like his rants.

43. Jim Bathurst | @BeastSkills

Jim is a bodyweight master and runs the site Beast Skills. I wrote about Beast Skills below (# 101). He puts out some of the best bodyweight tutorials on the internet (most of them moves I can only hope I’ll be able to do one day).

44. Jonas Colting | @JonasColting

Jonas is an ultra-endurance athlete who eats primal/paleo. He also happens to be the Ultraman World Champion. Back in my endurance training days, he really inspired me to take the leap and transition away from conventional training nutrition to a healthier alternative. With my predicted rise in IF’s popularity (# 2) in endurance circles this year, I think people will continue looking to Jonas as a role model.

45. Alykhan Gulamali | @FitnessBreakout

Alykhan runs Fitness Breakout, a great new site focused on helping you ‘break out’ from your average body and really train for and commit to getting a body that you love. 2013′s going to be a good year for this mindset as more and more people look to fitness for personal development reasons.

46. Keith Lai | @FitMole

Keith’s approach to fitness on FitMole is refreshing, cutting through the clutter and nonsense and always doling out a healthy serving of straight-talk. He’s got some sick celebrity workouts on FM and even takes a really sound approach to training women as well.

47. Srdjan Popovic | @BloomToFit

After a back injury, this former Muay Thai fighter and training addict started questioning his hard-charging lifestyle. The result is Bloom To Fit, a fitness blog based around the principle of building a body that will last, not training into chronic injury and health problems.

48. Ross Enamait | @RossTraining

Ross has a plethora of amazing training books that will help you, whether you’re a fighter or just trying to get super fit, get into outstanding shape/condition in very little time per day.

49. Darren LeTourneau | /TransformationCheatSheet

Darren’s site Transformation Cheat Sheet is my go-to for the weekly top posts in health and fitness. If you like his FB page you’ll get the posts every Friday and Monday. TCS definitely helps me cut down on the time I spend searching for good stuff – Darren does all the work for you.

50. Ben Coomber | @BenCoomber

Ben is a stellar nutritionist with overwhelmingly positive client feedback. Look to him to continue pushing people to their limits as they get the body’s they want this year. Just ask Dean Phillips (#32), Ben’s top-notch.

51. Vaclav Gregor | @VaclavGregor

Vaclav runs the site, an awesome resource for guys looking to build their physiques intelligently, and realistically, in the weight room. Vaclav is also CMO of the Adonis Lifestyle team.

52. Rusty Moore | @FitBBook

Rusty has an AWESOME blog at Fitness Black Book and one of the best-selling fitness programs on the internet, Visual Impact Muscle Building. His influence has played a huge role in shaping the current trend of building a lean, aesthetic body instead of being a meathead. FBB is a great resource for celebrity fitness programs as well. He’s recently resumed long-form blogging so I’m really looking forward to reading FBB this year.

53. John Romaniello | @JohnRomaniello

Was going to write something original but John describes himself better than I ever could, “John Romaniello runs Roman Fitness Systems with a tongue-in-cheek approach to fitness–and himself–that shows a genuine love/hate relationship with both. Equal parts narcissism and self-loathing, Roman writes with passion and humor, show-casing his belief that training doesn’t need to be the serious, stern, science-laden monotony that is pervasive in the industry.”

54. Nate Miyaki | @NateMiyaki

Nate’s got an awesome original approach to dieting called Intermittent Feasting and has been making some pretty important points on carbohydrate sources for training and fat loss. I’m really looking forward to seeing him skyrocket this year.

55. Chris Guillebeau | @ChrisGuillebeau

Chris is one of the most important people in the world right now IMO. He’s an influencer, simple as that. He writes over at the Art of Nonconformity and just released a sick book, The $100 Startup. Please read his work and see for yourself.

56. Belinda Benn | @BelindaBenn

Belinda transformed her body as a fitness model in her forties (no more excuses, people). Now she helps women do the same. She’s smokin’ hot and has some outstanding products out right now.

57. Stefani Ruper | @PaleoForWomen

I first heard Stefani on the FatBurningMan Show talking about Intermittent Fasting for women. It was an awesome interview that helped me shape NoGym’s IF Guide and really realize that IF actually may have very different effects on women. Men seem to handle it effortlessly but women vary widely. Stefani runs a really powerful, and important, blog over at Paleo For Women.

58. Richard Talens | @DickTalens

Richard is the co-founder of the fitness startup Fitocracy (which is getting some big-time coverage right now) and a transformation coach and trainer. 2013 is going to be a huge year for Richard and the Fitocracy team and I’m excited for them.

59. Craig Ballantyne | @CraigBallantyne

Craig is the creator of Turbulence Training and has been a fitness giant for the last couple years. His techniques are great for fat loss so check out TT and read some of his writing if you’re looking for a new routine.

60. Paul Jaminet | @PaulJaminet

PhD author of the Perfect Health Diet, Paul writes some of the most thorough and well-researched articles on human nutrition that I’ve seen. He’s been interviewed recently on Bulletproof Executive Radio and the Fat Burning Man Show. I highly recommend checking out his writing for nutrition advice/knowledge.

61. Joe Weaver | /RippedAt60

All I can say about Joe is that I hope I look half as good as he does at age 60. Freakin’ inspiring, wow. You’re the man, Joe.

“If opportunity doesn’t knock, build a door.” – Milton Berle

29 Blogs To Get You Lean, Happy, and Strong

Get Lean

Use these blogs to really fine-tune your approach to getting lean this year. While most of them are multi-dimensional, they all provide solid nutrition and cutting information that’ll keep you on track and round-out your knowledge base.

62. Fitness Black Book

FBB was what really let me believe that it was okay to not want to look like a meathead, which is what all my friends thought was cool. Rusty challenged traditional training techniques (even to the point of abandoning leg training in some cases) and I thought this was AWESOME. Finally, someone comes out and empathizes with the fact that I actually want to be able to wear fashionable clothing and not be stuck in sweatpants with my thighs rubbing together like two pork loins.

63. Whole Health Source

Stephan continually puts out awesome research on ancestral nutrition. If his degrees in biochemistry and neurobiology are saying something, it’s that he doesn’t mess around when it comes to publishing good shit. Check it out at

64. Mark’s Daily Apple

MDA was a game-changer for me, helping me – and millions of others – to finally figure out how powerful our diets really are, and how we should be striving to eat for optimal health. This year will be no different except his reach will expand even further and Mark’s proximity to Hollywood may land some bigger celeb exposure.


Chris sheds some great light on crafting a sustainable approach to fitness for today’s family man. A definite recommendation for all dad’s (and mothers too) out there who may be feeling overwhelmed by family obligations and struggling to stay fit or find a realistic approach that will help them get fit.

66. Fat Burning Man is awesome. Paleo at its finest. For everything from super-inspiring success stories to interviews with today’s nutrition and fitness leaders (and many people on this list) to some kick-ass paleo recipes that will make you drool from here to Texas, check out FBM.


Hands down, Sol Orwell & his partners have put together the most comprehensive website on the internet with respect to insanely-detailed supplement information. This is in my top-5 for “most impressive websites” I visit on a regular basis for research and general info. Plus it’s got a killer domain name & the design is outstanding.

68. Adonis Index

Run by a group of the most down-to-earth, realistic fitness dudes on the internet (Brad Pilon, John Barban, Brad Howard, Vaclav Gregor, Allen Elliott) the Adonis Index blog has been a major player in shattering conventional training dogma by focusing on physique transformation above all else: aiming at helping individuals look great and transform their confidence within realistic training and eating guidelines.

69. Leangains

Leangains changed the world, no doubt. And you never know what Martin’s got up his sleeve next so keep an eye on it. Twitter rumors say another article is coming soon so head over and make sure you don’t miss it.


I love going to Andy’s site because I always leave feeling so motivated to continue cutting body fat. His do-it-yourself Leangains guides and multitudes of progress and transformation pics from his clients make the decision to continue with my training so much easier, especially when I’m feeling lazy. For motivation this year, check out

71. IF Life

2 Meal Mike actually advocates the strategy that I currently follow: eating 2x a day. He also has killer info on his blog so check it out for another take on intermittent fasting.


If gettin’ sexified is your game then Rog has you covered. Everything from training, to humor, to zombie survival workouts, has it on lock.


Alan’s blog and research reviews provide the best information on the ‘net IMO when it comes to solid assimilation and portrayal of the facts. He is one of the, if not THE, most respected names in nutrition, training, and supplementation. Check him out here.


Head on over to Leigh’s blog for “common sense talk for exceptional bodies and lives.” And if you’re looking for a kickin’ membership community she’s got that too. Leigh’s blog is considered a cornerstone for non-neurotic no-BS straight talk. So check it out…


Nell helped me back in my triathlon days with getting a good idea of using paleo nutrition in a performance sense. She now blogs at Paleoista ( will redirect there) and her site is full of bombshell paleo recipes (my mouth starts to flood when I look at her stuff) and she offers personal nutrition coaching for athletes and common-folk alike. Plus, she’s a thoroughly-pleasant person.

76. Civilized Caveman

Speaking of mouthwatering recipes…George Bryant’s Civilized Caveman has got it going on! This is THE one-stop shop for tons of food-porn and delicious recipes. Subscribe to his newsletter and you’ll get new recipes weekly in your inbox. He and Abel James also have a cookbook out right now that I hear is pretty bombshell.

“Everything you want should be yours: the relationships you need; the social, mental, and aesthetic stimulation that will make you happy and fulfilled; the money you require for the lifestyle that is appropriate for you; and any requirement that you may (or may not) have for achievement or service to others. If you don’t aim for it all, you’ll never get it all. To aim for it requires that you know what you want.” – Richard Koch

Get Happy

This is my favorite category of blogs and I read these on a regular basis – usually on BlogLovin’ on my iPhone. Amidst the mountains of information you’ll find on the following sites, you’ll be more than enlightened as you start living a happier, healthier life.

77. Blog Of Impossible Things

Joel Runyon pushes you to well… do impossible things. He had a great year in 2012 and is doing some big things in 2013 so check out the site – but be prepared to want to go skydiving!


Jenny Blake inspires you to “wake up, live big, and enjoy the journey.” I love her approach to helping people stop sleepwalking through life and to go out and live BIG, full lives by taking risks and focusing on nourishing your soul’s NEED to be fulfilled. Check out here.

79. Live Your Legend

Basically the best blog on the internet if you’re looking for a wake-up call to stop doing work you hate and to start living a life you can be proud of and wake up excited about everyday – living your legend. Scott Dinsmore is the most passionate person I’ve ever seen. Period. He really wants to help you and it shows through-and-through in everything he does. Check out

80. Zen Habits

Quite possibly the most popular blog in the world, Zen Habits remains the productivity King Kong in a world of chimpanzees. You know Leo’s a boss when he can break all convention by stripping the site completely bare yet continue to grow his million-strong reader base. I personally love reading his thoughts, even when I don’t fully agree with everything (like his veganism outlook), and always look forward to his next post.

81. is for people looking for high-quality information on real, meaningul lifestyle design. Alden helps people through his writing and super-popular email course focused on helping you gain confidence, become more social, and most importantly, start believing in yourself. Check it out.


For focused, clutter-free info on creating a sustainable fitness lifestyle, ZenToFitness is your site. I really like their approach to fitness because it focuses on only what actually matters, not a bunch of complicated nonsense. For a quick-start on everything check this out.

83. Mother Fitness

Okay, so I don’t actually personally read this one but it was recommended to me by a friend and I wanted to make sure all the mothers and busy women out there have a good resource focused directly on their issues, which are very different from men. This is from the site’s founder, Kellie Davis: “This site is for all women, regardless if your age, marital status, or whether or not you have children. My message isn’t just for women with a similar life as my own; it is for all women striving toward a better, healthier lifestyle.”

84. Steve Pavlina’s Personal Development For Smart People

If you’re into bettering yourself AT ALL, and you haven’t read Steve’s blog, READ IT. That is all.

85. Project Whitespace

There is a super-positive community on the site who all contribute to help eachother not only be healthy and fit, but to find and appreciate the whitespace in life: those things that give you joy, peace, and contentment every day.

86. Johnny B. Truant

Under a tag line proclaiming, “The Internet Made Awesome,” Johnny writes engaging, thought-provoking, irreverent pieces on a wide array of things from being legendary to zombies to exceptional writing and blogging. He’s good. And I read his stuff. So you should at least go take a gander…

87. The Art of Non-Conformity

Chris Guillebeau should be in the Time 100 Most Influential People Of The Year (not just my little NoGym100) because he is seriously KILLING it right now. There are a few people on the internet right now who are in the same stratosphere (Tim Ferriss, hmm… can’t think of any more) in terms of inciting mass-change across the world. If you don’t read the Art Of Nonconformity you should. Chris is amazing. Oh yeah, I forgot to mention – he’s also been to every country on the planet.


Chris Brogan is the King Of Impact. Beyond being an outstanding writer & communicator, he knows exactly how to really live a meaningful existence and inspire others to do the same. The guy responds to hundreds of blog comments and can still be reached on twitter for a one-on-one convo (even though I have no idea how he has enough time to do either with his legions of fans/readers). If you’re at all interested in making an impact in life, check out his writing. You don’t have to be a writer/blogger to appreciate its magnitude. [And his blog redesign is SICK].

89. Expert Enough

This is a really cool site for anyone looking to become “expert enough” at lots of little things, from athletics to your morning routine, EE has you covered. It’s also a great place to spend some time just learning about a lot of stuff and enriching yourself. Check out Expert Enough.

90. Location 180

A couple years ago Sean Ogle hated his job and was unhappy in life. So he quit… his job, that is. And he committed to living a life worth writing about and building a business he can run from anywhere in the world: and that’s precisely what Location 180 is all about. He writes about awesome things and helps you to reach the same lifestyle he’s currently attained. Very inspiring blog.

“I hated every minute of training, but I said, “Don’t quit. Suffer now and live the rest of your life as a champion.” – Muhammed Ali

Get Strong

If you’re looking to get strong and powerful, whether in the gym or with your bodyweight, then look no further than the blogs below. All of them are amazing.

91. Ross Training

Ross Enamait is basically the strongest dude on the planet (slight hyperbole… but not really). If you’re looking to get hella strong, with or without a gym, you need to live on his site and/or pick up one of his books. Seriously insanely good stuff that will condition you like a fighter and make you strong as an ox. I’ve got his book Never Gymless and it’s the best resource I’ve seen on bodyweight conditioning. Period.

92. Al Kavadlo

So one day, in Tompkins Square Park, very recently after moving to NYC, I stood in awe as I watched this happy tattooed man CRUSHING muscle-ups on the bar, one after another after another. He and his brother, Danny, were working out in the park and all I could remember thinking was, “I need to be able to do that.” So I walked over and asked them how they advised I learn to muscle-up. Two weeks later I did my first muscle-up. Al, beyond being an absolute bodyweight master, is incredibly inspiring and  positive, and every time I see him he is helping/training someone in the park. So if you want to learn how to do all manner of bodyweight moves, from beginner to advanced, Al’s got you covered. Either head on over to his site for lots of great videos or go workout at TSP in East Village.

93. Kinobody Fitness Systems

If you’re a dude and you’re looking to get super strong and look like a Greek god, Kinobody is your turn-key solution. Look no further. Greg specializes in helping guys get that lean Hollywood look – optimizing the balance between aesthetics and physical power (not an easy task to do). Kinobody is also an outstanding resource if you eve wonder how celebrities workout to get certain physiques for a movie (Superman, Immortals, James Bond, etc). Greg’s got ‘em all. Kinobody is one of those addicting websites where, before you know it, it’s 3 in the morning and you’ve read the entire thing.

94. Scrawny To Brawny

S2B takes an approach to muscle building that not only focuses on the physical, but emphasizes the importance of a psychological transformation as well. Aimed at the skinny-dude population, they guys at S2B build confidence and muscle at the same time. Some of the transformations on the site are awe-inspiring and I’m sure have completely changed those dudes’ lives forever.

95. The 12 Minute Athlete

Besides having her web design on-lock, Krista does an amazing job of distilling the important things down while paying no attention to things that don’t matter. In her words, “I believe life should be enjoyed, not wasted in a gym.” Amen to that. The 12MinuteAthlete is all about creating functional fitness and having fun doing it, effortlessly fitting a fitness habit into your life.


Chad’s mission is help you become Legendary: get the body of your dreams and have all the self-confidence you could ever want – to look better, feel better, and live a legendary life. If you’re looking for inspiring writing on strength and how it fits into your overall life, along with great training advice – check out

97. JCDFitness

I’ve already talked about JC quite a bit on here but I’ll leave you with this: if you’re looking to get strong, check out his LGN365 program, read his writing, and listen to the FitSmart Crew podcast. You’ll get results.

98. The Iron Samurai

Zen and the art of weightlifting. Get jacked, remain sane. Nick Horton, The Iron Samurai, is also the founder of the world’s only online weightlifting school, Weightlifting Academy. Nick has a degree in mathematics and is a devoted practitioner of Zen meditation, so if you’re looking for some to-the-point, effective advice on strength, this is where you’ll find it.


Recently changed to, the bar community is the best place on the internet to find all things bar-related, from inspiration to workout routines to a handy-dandy park locator (for the entire world!). They’ve got a ridiculous Facebook community as well and basically take the cake for the coolest reader-submitted photos – artistic, beautiful shots of people doing all sorts of crazy bodyweight moves. So cool!

100. T-Nation

Dubbed The Intelligent And Relentless Pursuit Of Muscle, T-Nation is the place to go for pretty solid muscle-building information. They’ve been around for a while and are pretty much the industry standard as far as weightlifting information goes. Many great fitness writers contribute to the site regularly so you can generally find some pretty solid stuff.

101. Beast Skills

Jim Bathurst is the original beast after which this site was named. The dude is a bodyweight animal. From one-handed handstands to no-handed one-arm chin-ups, Jim’s the man. He’s got (very likely) a collection of the best bodyweight tutorials on the web, which anyone who’s at all interested in bodyweight should definitely check out.

102. Global Bodyweight Training

Along with BeastSkills, Global Bodyweight Training is awesome for bw information – with some B Boy skills mixed in for good measure. Super-impressive site with tons of great photos, videos, and tutorials. You can find it at


Ladies, if you’re looking for a great resource on lifting like a girl and becoming a beautiful badass, get to know Nia’s blog. She does an outstanding job showing women how to lift to sculpt an ideal womanly physique, so stop worrying about getting bulky in the weight room and check out her advice and books. She focuses mainly on bodyweight and barbell movements, basically cutting out all the BS to help you look awesome.   

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