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A Holistic Lifestyle Approach

Everyone wants a long, happy, healthy life with an abundance of energy and vitality, free from any disorders with the ability to perform optimally (mentally) at work – and physically at leisure – while emotionally balanced, successful in all types of relationships – and without any financial constraints.

At its core, feelings of wellbeing starts with a healthy self-concept, the ‘self-ideal’ when taking an ethical stance and view of the wider world in which to reflect who you really are. 

It further indicates your interests, opinions, attitudes, way of life, behaviours, and behavioural orientations, personal values and beliefs, preferences, and world views.

Each individual exists, perceives, experiences, thinks, and acts in and through his/her own body and therefore form unique points in time and space.

It’s thus only you who have the capacity for original and creative rationality and thought when creating a wellbeing lifestyle ideal for yourself – which will then ultimately lead to the foundations for achieving happiness.

Your happiness is typically defined as the positive, conscious emotional experiences that accompany or derive from the use of your immediate (in the moment) potentialities, talents, capabilities, virtues and preferences…

But more importantly – happiness also directly derives from your immediate environment (home setting, workplace settings, intimate spaces) and interaction with yourself (and closely related others) in these spaces.

Stimulating a more creative approach towards self (personal growth + development) and living in conducive environments (spaces) are thus cornerstones for a healthy wellbeing state.

Humans have these vital components to consider for an optimised life:

  • Concept of Self (finally address the issues of who am I, what’s my purpose, my values, what do I believe in…)
  • Belief Barriers and Emotional Blocks (getting rid of blocks, issues or beliefs that prevent you from living the life you want or enjoying it)
  • Spatial Spaces Influence Behaviours (having a home base that nourishes at a very deep level and work environments that optimise performance and productivity)
  • Beauty + Health as in Nutrition, Movement and Longevity (eliminate health problems that drag your quality of life into the gutter and shorten your lifespan)
  • Beauty as in Appearance: grooming and personal styling…
  • Career and Skills Development  (having access to business resources and inner skills that allow you to optimally perform at your career and raise your income potential)
  • Building Income Streams (having systems in place that allow you to use your income streams to create financial freedom + wealth)
  • Investments + Saving + Wealth Building Management (manage it, grow it, protect it)
  • Love + Relationships (attract, build, and maintain healthy relationships with everyone you meet and your loved ones + community for a valued legacy)
  • Connection with spirit (creating a live with more meaning)
  • Giving (easing the suffering and helping others to succeed and reach wellbeing themselves + preserving the planet (environment) for future generations) is one of the highest forms of achieving wellbeing.

Learn how to balance all these elements with an effective time management framework, keystone habit implementation strategies, and how to develop flow , resilience and grit.

You need a lifestyle redesign when….

… you are stuck in one – or all – areas of your life such as career, relationships, personal style, healthy eating and fitness, finance, family…

More specifically when you…

  • When you need a change in outlook on life, striving for something better, an optimum physique, health, connecting with spirit or better relationships
  • Want to change your life for the better – having more fun and be happier
  • Want to redefine your self-concept, your beliefs, values, ideals
  • When you want to improve your reputation at work or in social engagements
  • Want to improve your work performance
  • Want to be more powerful and assertive in all, or some areas of your life
  • Need to gain more self-confidence and self-esteem
  • Want to build a stronger self-image
  • Want to have more courage to get what you want
  • Need motivation to reach your goals
  • Want to get a raise and promotion but have no idea how or what you should do to get it
  • Want to build a better relationship with your peers and superiors
  • When you realise you need to take responsibility and ownership for your actions and need to rebuild your outlook
  • Need to manage stress caused by work, career, relationship, family, yourself
  • Find it difficult to balance your career and personal life and need better time management in dealing with all your responsibilities
  • Need more energy to fulfil your duties at work and at home
  • You feel always tired an need inspiration and purpose
  • When your inner thoughts, desires and pursuits are in conflict with what you really act upon and do
  • When you need to make a change (with anything) and need assistance with the transformation
  • You need to take back control of who you are, your emotions and your actions
  • When you need to identify and confront the issues that are causing you to eat too much and put on weight
  • When you want to improve relationships between yourself and your spouse/partner/children
  • When you’ve suffered addiction or past trauma and need to come to terms with it and move forward
  • When you fear your health is taking the toll and need to do something fast
  • When you need to overcome the trials and tribulations of modern life by getting more organised, reducing stress, and finding harmony in everything you do
  • When you know in order to find balance, wholeness, happiness and fulfilment, you need to develop and integrate all areas and aspects within your life and yourself, but simply need better direction and insight

Human needs also translate into categories   …

  • Being (qualities)
  • Having (things)
  • Doing (actions)
  • Interacting (people + settings)

Which means:

Tying to have a healthy and happy lifestyle  while having to consider also the needs of closely others living with you in a partnership, marriage or working environments – and in all types of business scenario relationships…. can become extremely intricate and complex.

In Lifestyle Redesign we look at all these aspects and many others so you can achieve optimal mental and physical wellbeing.

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