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Develop Your Own Personal Brand. Why It’s Important As A Self-Concept

Self-concept: use of one’s potentialities, talents, capabilities, and virtues in order to realise a more creative approach towards personal (human) development – so to be able to consistently spend time on only high quality activities that matter to you most - and remove the ones that you don’t value completely which are of low vibrational quality.

In other words your daily and normal life can only be (and should be) filled with those things you highly value.

Everything in your life is energy. If you’re carrying too much , whether physical, mental or emotional, your progress will be haltered. For complete productivity and happiness you have to prioritise only important and deep activity which you most value.

When your days are filled with only those core essentials that mean the world to you – you will absolutely dominate in “all” areas of your life automatically, because the only things in your life are the things you highly value. You are living intentionally and congruently. You have momentum and balance. You’re being who you truly want to be, every single day.

Defining who you are

Defining your personal brand is the vital step in defining yourself as an entrepreneur – your mission, your goals, and your message. It is what differentiates you from others, and the very reason why people will turn to you instead of your competition.

The first logical step is to determine what your brand really is. You should create a brand profile as well as a brand character. Then determine your brand according to your industry and the desired areas of expansion, your strengths and weaknesses, your customer base, and your competition.

Staying true to yourself

A developed personal brand is your way of staying true to yourself and your mission. It is a reflection of your beliefs, values and goals. It is supposed to go hand in hand with your company’s ideology, and the character that stands behind your business. By creating a strong personal brand, you are showing to the world what is authentic about you, and therefore about your business as well. It should be integrated into every aspect of your business, and you should stick to it in order for people to see that you are consistent and true to the message that you are conveying.




What you get:

  • A personal consultation with Orikhu prior to your workshop event
  • Development of customised content to meet your event objectives
  • Workshop delivery 

Cost: From US$400 for entire group booking


What you get:

  • Personal first consultation (depending on area this will be done via skype)
  • Online coaching or in person coaching

Cost: From US$80 per hour session

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