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4 Most Important Ways To Express Gratitude. Do You Know It?

Having an attitude of gratitude is far more beneficial than just being good for physical, emotional and mental health...


Have you ever walked into a crowd and there’s that one person who people seem to circle around all the time? They radiate vibrant, positive energy and it captivates people’s attention time and time again.


And you naturally gravitate towards this type of person too, as they emit that exact energy you feel you lack, and which make them so successful. When they talk to you, it’s as if they draw you in slowly and cast a spell of awe, wonder, calmness, serenity and peace.


And you wonder from where the essence of this potent energy originates...


It’s the power of living with an attitude of gratitude.


When you align with source energy with an attitude of gratitude, you move into the energy of flow where you receive positive inspiration and guidance - and without any energy of resistance present, you can better see the help, opportunities and support available to you.


The energetic quality of genuine gratefulness is expansion, elevation, and deepening. Expressing gratitude therefore, brings you deeper into the core essence of life. It expands the mind, elevates the spirit, and allows you to touch hearts with your own.

To do this you need to be free from the ego and any self-interest. You need to accept yourself fully; who and what you are, knowing why you are this way, what you’ve come here to do, where you’re going to next - and be totally in the present, meaning being open to experiences and people around you all of the time.


Even if situations are tough and people are rude, you will serve with an attitude of gratitude, with compassion and understanding.


How to express gratitude


Expressing gratitude doesn't mean you have to say thank you all of the time. It’s more than just keeping gratitude journals, writing thank you prayers, doing a gratitude walk, or do daily gratitude meditations.


It’s far more than that…

It’s living it 24/7.


Here is how to bring more gratitude energy into your life:


Begin with appreciation

The first step in expressing gratitude, is to take notice of the things you already have; the things you own, the people in your life, your experiences and opportunities. It’s knowing what the people in your relationship circle care about, and you provide or acknowledge that.


It’s asking about people’s lives when you first meet them; their background, experiences, feelings, their perceptions, their hopes and their dreams. It’s appreciating that they are different than you, and that you are presented with so many colourful people, cultures and personalities and being able to partake in their growth.


It’s doing research on a business client before you meet, so you can feel appreciation for their achievements, their performance, their outlook on business, and how they will help you get where you want to be.


It’s appreciation for the goodness of the small things happening in your life and around you. The smell of freshly baked bread by a neighbor, the turning of the seasons, the sound of rain on the roof, the sound of children playing in a park, the smell of jasmine when walking past a well-kept colorful garden, the crisp early morning breeze darting against your face on your way to work.


Get involved emotionally

You can't fake energy. Meaning, if you’re not sincere about what you’re conveying, or when you’re not fully immersed in interactions and what you’re expressing, it will be totally lost on others.


So in contrary to other advice which says not to get emotionally involved, you actually have to. Everything in life are emotions, no matter on which playing field you operate; business, career, relationships - it’s all build upon emotion. Human’s can't escape it.


Researchers therefore suggest that when you express your appreciation in ways that make people feel acknowledged and validated, the gratitude working both-ways will strengthen the relationship with a stronger emotional bond.


William Arthur Ward also said, “Feeling gratitude and not expressing it, is like wrapping a present and not giving it.” So get involved with emotion, jump in with gusto, and increase your own levels of happiness and success.


Turn your life events into meaningful stories
To make sense of things happening to us and to share experiences with others so they can also learn from it, we tell stories. Stories of zero to hero, of suffering and gratitude. Joy comes one day, sorrow the next. Success comes but only by failure. Sometimes your efforts matter a lot, and sometimes it’s only luck.


And to bring coherence to this variety, trying to identify the various forms of gratitude hidden among these lessons, you categorize and analyse and start to develop your own themes. By doing this, you gradually become more willing to be surprised by new moments of joy, happiness, heartache, even suffering as you can always turn it into stories to help others better navigate through the storms.


Harvest the vibrations of gratitude

Gratitude is an extremely important aspect of attracting the abundance and happiness that you desire and deserve.

As you know, everything within the universe is a vibrating mass of atoms and subatomic particles - called energy. The energy you resonate and project based on your thoughts, feelings, and emotions determines your vibrational frequency that you emit, and equally attract.


When you are in a sincere state of gratitude, your energy (vibrational resonance) is one of acceptance and harmony. You resonate and project a much higher vibrational frequency, which is exactly what attracts to you the events, conditions, and circumstances that you desire.


Expressing gratitude, projects a magnetic force that draws to you more of what you are expressing gratitude for. At any time that you are not expressing gratitude - you are resisting the outcome, which places your focus on not wanting that outcome. This creates a magnetic force that draws to you more of that which you don't want, or resisting.


With your mind set on gratitude, you will always have the clarity to truly appreciate all that life is giving you. This allows you to be always open to new opportunities, inspiration and creativity, and feel the universe is working for you.


Consistent gratitude as a way of living, will amplify your life and the greatness that’s within you. It will expand your life experiences and levels of happiness. It will elevate your spirits and mood, and it will deepen your relationships with yourself and others.


As Dr Michael Beckwith from the Agape Institute said, “Gratitude places you in the energy field of plentitude. Perceiving life in a consciousness of gratitude is literally stepping into another dimension of living. Suddenly the seeming ordinariness of your days takes on a divine sparkle.”


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