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Getting the right nutrition is vital for good health and wellbeing…

You need a wide variety of natural foods to provide the right amounts of nutrients for good health

These nutrients include protein, carbohydrates, essential fats, water, vitamins, and minerals to live, grow and function properly.

To function optimally, remain disease free and reverse ageing – humans need 100+ essential nutrients:

  • Minerals
  • Vitamins
  • Amino acids
  • Essential Fatty Acids

Being in a nutritional balance state means, that all of your nutritional needs are met without exceeding your caloric intake.

Maintaining a stable healthy weight, having a healthy blood-pressure level, being disease free, and feeling energised – are just a few signs of being nutritionally balanced.

BUT the problem is….
Certain factors influencing the modern world are affecting the nutritional value of food (the way nature intended), and the absorbability of nutrients (tired and damaged cells) – plus environmental toxins popping up from everywhere – causing the human body to suffer from malnutrition, diseases and weak immune systems.

Your Body Is Being Destroyed Due To A Lack Of Nutrition

You all know nutrition is important to stay healthy and try to prevent diseases. But even those who claim to eat healthy – sometimes get sick.

So what’s the real underlying issue here?

Let’s start with the cause of disease…

Good health and longevity can be achieved by following one universal truth: The law of cause and effect.

This law states simply that everything happening in the universe, occur as a direct result of a specific cause.

Disease and ageing are not excluded from this. But with certain illnesses and chronic diseases and even ageing; the causes become less well defined or clear.

It’s not one thing, but lots of little things adding up over time.

And then one day it caught up and suddenly you feel something’s wrong.

It might start with not having as much energy as you once did, followed by joint pain, general aches, dry skin, or new lines and creases on your face.

Next thing you know, everything is falling apart and you get diagnosed with diabetes, cancer or high blood pressure, putting you at risk for heart attacks.

At this point, most people head for the doctor with conventional medicine solutions which are limited, and almost exclusive to pharmaceutical or surgical options.

These conventional options can calm and manage symptoms, prevent catastrophic events (such as stroke or heart attack), artificially tighten things up, and artificially replace things…

But they cannot fully restore you to normal health – it comes with risks and often significant side effects – just ask anyone lately who lost a loved one to cancer or due to heart failure.

Origins of all diseases

The origins of all diseases (acute and chronic) can be traced back to four basic causative factors, compounded over time – and influenced by the immense genetic diversity of each individual.

  • Poor nutrition
  • Too little exercise
  • Environmental toxins
  • Physical and emotional stress

Poor nutrition
Global food supply has become saturated with processed foods that are largely foreign to the human body. Most people today don’t have access to organic foods and are deficient in at least several key nutrients, due to eating a highly processed diet.

And even if you think you eat a balanced diet with organic foods – key nutrients are simply no longer in food sources due to certain farming practices that deplete soils and lower plants’ antioxidants, vitamins and mineral content.

Organic food sources are also no being threatened due to the rise of awareness and people want more and more – and if the soils are not treated properly or at all – even if it’s says organic – then essential nutrients are still not being absorbed by the food to be transferred to your body as they are simply no longer in the overused soil.

In the past, food supply was higher in naturally occurring fulvic acid and other nutrients because soils were less depleted, pesticide/herbicide chemicals were sprayed far less often, and people were less concerned about sanitising their produce.

Because your immune system is largely made of healthy bacteria that live within the gut and thrive on various nutrients, your overly clean, highly processed lifestyle makes absorption of nutrients more difficult and raises the risk for many health problems and deficiencies associated with poor gut health.

A nutrient deficiency often happens slowly over time and can be caused by a number of these reasons. An increased lack of nutrients in the diet, or difficulty absorbing nutrients from food are the more common reasons for chronic diseases.

Lack of Exercise
Regular exercise is an important part of a healthy lifestyle. Study after study shows the benefits it has: It can help prevent and treat mental health problems, it can boost your wellbeing and mood, and is a great way to unwind from the stresses of life.

One of the key health benefits of exercise is that it helps normalise your glucose, insulin, and leptin levels by optimising insulin/leptin receptor sensitivity – which is perhaps the most important factor for optimising your overall health and preventing chronic disease.

Exercise also encourages your brain to work at optimum capacity by causing your nerve cells to multiply, strengthening their interconnections, and protecting them from damage. Research shows that the secret to increased productivity and happiness on any given day is a long-term investment in regular exercise.

There are plenty of material out there on exercise and it should pose no problem to find the right one for you.

Environmental toxins
There are up to 200,000 man-made chemicals in the environment that were not present a hundred years ago.

Food pesticides, food and hand sanitisers, and home insect detergents along with antibacterial overkill is used by everyone. Everyone is exposed and toxin trace amounts can be found in every living creature on earth.

Like all living creatures, you are exposed to a certain level of background radiation from gamma rays, x-ray and UV radiation from the earth, sun and space. Though these forms of radiation comes a force of disease and ageing.

Be it as it may, exposure from these natural sources has been relatively constant since humans began walking the earth thousands of years ago.

Therefore, of greater concern are the increased levels of radiation from artificial and unnatural sources (such as electronics), depleting ozone layers, climate changes, higher carbon dioxide in the air and less clean oxygen environments.

The role that toxins play in disease and cancer is hard to absolutely define, but it is certainly a factor.

Because toxins enter the body by three different pathways (ingestion, breathing, and through the skin), limiting this risk factor is not that easy but possible with a few lifestyle tweaks.

Physical and emotional stress
Three types of physical stress can affect your body; trauma (accidents, wear and tear), temperature, and pressure. Even everyday physical stress (minor trauma, being too cold or too hot, pressure changes) can aggravate established disease processes.

For some people, extreme physical stress (severe trauma, severe hypothermia, severe hyperthermia, altitude sickness) can be the primary trigger for allowing disease processes to accelerate and even occur.

Chronic emotional stress is much more prevalent than most realise. Chronic emotional stress robs the body of vital energy, suppresses immune function, and disrupts hormonal systems.

The cumulative result can be devastating: elevated blood pressure, increased blood clotting, compromised digestive function, elevated blood sugar, chronic sleep disturbances, weight gain and especially suppressed immune function.

Uncontrolled stress sets the stage for all diseases – and can be treated by regiments such as mediation, vacation, mindfulness, changing beliefs, eliminating stress factors and making some lifestyle changes.

The effects of these basic four causes are:

Free radicals and inflammation
It’s the most significant factor in aging and contributes to all disease.

Inside each of the trillions of cells that make up your body, free radicals are being continually generated as a byproduct of energy production. Free radicals can damage all parts of the cell, including DNA.

Other sources of free radicals in the body include abnormal fats from processed foods and toxins. In addition, white blood cells actually generate free radicals to destroy foreign substances in the body; this is the root of inflammation in the body.

Poor immune system
Diseases like strep throat, influenza, tuberculosis, HIV/AIDS, malaria, smallpox, polio, and the plague – cause acute illness in most people who are exposed to a poor immune system that gets attacked by these microbes.

The role that microbes play in acute disease is widely recorded and understood. Collectively, these aggressive types of microbes (which include viruses, bacteria, fungi, and protozoa) can be referred to as high virulence microbes.

You (and everyone else) are almost continually exposed to microbes – some with a low potential to cause disease which most of the time pass by hardly noticed – but if your immune function is low or compromised by other factors, chronic low grade infection can occur.

Microbes are stealthy – difficult to diagnose and hard to eradicate once established, and they hide inside cells and scavenge resources from the body. They have sophisticated mechanisms of bypassing and compromising immune function.

In cell biology it looks like this:
Cell biology means: the branch of biology – a scientific discipline that studies cells as a complete unit, their physiological properties, their structure, their molecular and chemical interactions that occur – the organelles they contain, interactions with their environment, their life cycle, division and death.

This is done both on a microscopic and molecular level to determine how all these factors affect cells which causes diseases and illnesses.

No matter what disease you’re talking about, you can fit all of them into one or more of these five biologically causes:

Adaptation – Meaning, some kind of an injurious agent (toxins, free radicals or microbes) comes into the cell’s environment, and that cell tries to adapt to that agent, which can cause altered cell biology.

Injury – The cell tries to adapt to these injurious agents, but at a certain point it can no longer adapt, and the cell becomes injured, lowering its ability to absorb essential nutrients.

Ageing – The cells get older, and as they get older, certain things happen that cause the cell’s biology to be altered, diminishing its ability to absorb nutrients.

Cellular death – So, the cell tried to adapt, it got injured, and if that injurious agent stayed around for long enough, it caused the cells to die.

Neoplasia – When there’s something that causes the cell to uncontrollably divide, meaning cancer.To become neoplastic, a normal cell must develop mutations that allow it to no longer obey boundaries of adjacent cells, thus allowing for uncontrolled growth, and the neoplasm must be able to produce its own blood supply. If the neoplasm is malignant, the cells must also gain the ability to invade the basement membrane and surrounding tissue, enter the blood stream, and spread to and grow within distant organs

To summerise…

The planet (environment) is degrading – affecting us in numerous ways as clearly seen from above
Not all of us can become organic farmers to grow food in fertilised healthy soil and keep live stock to get better quality food for consumption
We are overwhelmed with all sorts of exercise regimes and never sure what to do or how to sustain it with limited time available
Work and family demand more and more of you – and you stress – a lot!

There is only one thing you can do…
Take charge of your own life – take the control back and regenerate – starting with nutrition.

Regenerate your entire system by building a strong immune system and preventing inflammation and free radicals to manifest in your body.

Disease is a result of years and years of not looking after yourself, the effects of poor nutrition, lack of exercise, and not dealing with stress – all of which catching up with you all at once and strike you down.

A prerequisite for using the regenerating approach to health restoration is recognising the law of cause and effect and that prevention of ill-health is key for optimum wellness, health and longevity….

Start to regenerate…

It comes down to this…
With so many contradictory information found globally about diet, food and what to do and what not, Orikhu has done thorough research for the past 15 years and considered various disciplines to find solutions to the problems and issues aforementioned.

Obviously research and investigation continue – and will never stop – but be assured of the latest and most sense-making supported data delivered here.

Data is based on solutions to revitalise your entire biological system by building a stronger immune system and trying toprevent inflammation and free radicals to manifest in your body.

There’s really not much you can do about farming soil and environmental toxins – unless you go out and buy a farm far-far away from polluted civilisation – and grow your own organic foods in humic acid and fulvic acid rich soils.

But it’s simply not practical in the modern world, so all you can do is focussing on…

  1. Reducing the intake of toxins that cause inflammation by choosing better food options and change environment exposure as far as you can
  2. Taking in more foods with high ORAC value
  3. Supplement (1) to give your body its essential nutrients (2) to build a strong immune system and (3) addressing any deficiencies

Again prevention is always better than curing so:

Try to eliminate toxins entering at all in your body, as antioxidants cant really stop the process completely – it helps but the aim is prevention.

Need some help with regenerating your body and mind?

Check out the Regenerate Products here…

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