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Healthy Lifestyle

“What Man Can Be He Must Be…”

We all want a long, happy, healthy life with an abundance of energy and vitality, free from any disorders with the ability to perform optimally (mentally) at work – and physically at leisure – with emotional balance in all our relationships – and without any financial constraints.

This workshop is for those looking to grow and develop, those who want a change in outlook on life, looking for better lifestyle options, a better work-life, making more money or create wealth. Those who want optimum physical performance, vitality and health, heightened spirit, fun and entertaining experiences … and those who want better relationships with everyone in their lives.

What is meant by Lifestyle exactly?

In antiquity, lifestyle was derived from the concept of ‘style in art’. Today we understand lifestyle as being an individual’s style of life reflected in the unity of his/her way of living, thinking, feeling, and acting. The lifestyle was increasingly seen by Adler as a product of the individual’s own creative power, with some aspects rooted in early childhood situations.

At its broadest, lifestyle includes self-concept, the self-ideal – taking an ethical stance and view of the wider world to reflect who s/he really is. It further denotes an individual’s interests, opinions, attitudes, way of life, behaviours, and behavioural orientations, personal values, preferences, and outlooks.

Each individual exists, perceives, experiences, thinks, and acts in and through his own body and therefore form unique points in time and space. It is the individual who has the capacity for original and creative rationality and thought that can create a lifestyle that will be the underlying foundation for achieving his/her own happiness.

An individual’s happiness can be defined as the positive conscious emotional experience that accompanies or derives from the use of one’s immediate (in the moment) potentialities, talents, capabilities, and virtues, but most importantly – happiness directly derives from his/her environment (setting, home, social connections, intimate spaces).

Stimulating a more creative approach towards self (personal development) and living in conducive environments (spaces) are thus cornerstones for the lifestyle change.

What is The Ultimate Lifestyle?

The ultimate lifestyle is different for different people… deciding what it would be with no rules or formulas…

  • For some people, it means a lot of money with luxury belongings and a fast-paced, jet-set type of lifestyle.
  • For others, it means – slow-paced and focusing on service to spouse, children, family and a boss…
  • For a selected few it means freedom to travel, work, play and live anywhere they want, no matter the style – maybe a home in every town…

And for others it could be every possible scenario in between …

There’s no right or wrong – or good or bad – there’s just what works for you – and will likely change many times over as your life evolves… No matter how you end up defining Ultimate Lifestyle for yourself…

There are 8 vital components to consider…

  • Concept of Self (finally address the issues of who am I, what’s my purpose, my values, what do I believe in…)
  • Beliefs and Emotional Blocks (getting rid of blocks, issues or beliefs that prevent you from living the life you want or enjoying it)
  • Environmental (Spaces) Influences (having a home and work base that nourishes at a very deep level)
  • Beauty + Health as in Nutrition, Movement and Wellbeing (eliminate health problems that drag your quality of life into the gutter)
  • Career and Skills Development  (having access to resources and inner skills that allow you to optimally perform at your career)
  • Building Income Streams (having systems in place that allow you to use your income streams to create financial freedom + wealth )
  • Investments + Saving + Wealth Building Management ( manage it, grow it, protect it)
  • Love + Relationships (attract, build, and maintain healthy relationships with everyone you meet and your loved ones)
  • Connection with spirit

Quality of life means to manage your time

You can have several income streams, a healthy emotional life, empowering belief systems, a great living environment, fulfillment and satisfaction, great relationships and health…. but if you don’t manage your time to address all of it and time left to do what you love… to follow your non-work passions, or to truly enjoy anything, what’s the point?

Having all the resources and support

Living The Ultimate Lifestyle means having access to knowledge, resources, and skills that allow you to live the life you want and need.

This Workshop gives access to knowledge, resources, and skills that allow you to live the life you want and need.


What you get:

  • A personal consultation with Orikhu prior to your workshop event
  • Development of customised content to meet your event objectives
  • Workshop delivery 

Cost: From US$400 for entire group booking


What you get:

  • Personal first consultation (depending on area this will be done via skype)
  • Online coaching or in person coaching

Cost: From US$80 per hour session

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