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Tens of millions die from medical conditions caused by aging each and every year, and a staggering amount of money is spent on trying to defy ageing and promote longevity.

As it stands right now, the risk of suffering age-related conditions in later life can be significantly reduced for most people through diet and exercise, with serious scientific efforts presently underway to understand and intervene in the aging process; not only to prevent frailty and disease, but also to repair and reverse the root causes of aging.

Aging can be characterised as a three-stage process:

  • In the first stage, metabolic processes essential to life produce toxins (an unavoidable side effect of handling reactive chemicals)
  • Secondly, a small amount of the damage caused by these toxins cannot be removed by the body’s endogenous repair systems, and consequently accumulates over time.
  • In the third stage, the accumulation of damage drives age-related pathology, either directly (by interfering with normal metabolism) or indirectly, often where a normally benevolent repair process causes collateral damage due to maladaptive overstimulation.

In future decades researchers will assemble new biotechnologies that can defeat aging, restore the old to health and vigor, and prevent the young from ever suffering the ravages of age.

Some of these future therapies are already understood and envisioned in some detail, but remain in comparatively early stages of research. Others are just now starting to make the leap into clinical development.

Luckily there are a few things you can do right now to improve your longevity and curb anti-ageing and you may be surprised at how easy, low-cost, and downright pleasant it is to lead a healthier and thereby longer life…

Three things you can do right now:

  1. Stop damaging your health
  2. Adopt a better diet and lifestyle
  3. Visit an Orikhu Spa

Stop damaging your health

At its most basic level, aging is nothing more than an accumulation of damage and breakages in the molecular machinery of your cells, a build up of metabolic waste products that your body cannot break down, leading to failing biological systems that are increasingly unable to cope.

Are you damaging yourself more rapidly than you realise? Do you smoke? Do recreational drugs occupy a central position in your life? Do you eat nothing but junk food or are overweight? Do you exercise little or not at all?  These things can hurt you far more than any presently available strategy for healthy living can help.

Adopt a better diet and lifestyle

The body is a complex, resilient machine. Unlike your cars, however, you can’t replace it when it breaks down. Fortunately, it’s neither difficult nor expensive to use diet and lifestyle to raise the odds of living a longer and healthier life.



Longevity Workshop


This workshop is good for:

  • Organisations who want their employees, members or volunteers to prioritise their health + longevity
  • People who are experiencing  fatigue, feeling frustrated, run down, experiencing struggle in your relationships, or at work, have a health challenge, and/or just need something




What you get:

  • A personal consultation with Orikhu prior to your workshop event
  • Development of customised content to meet your event objectives
  • Workshop delivery 

Cost: From US$400 for entire group booking



What you get:

  • Personal first consultation (depending on area this will be done via skype)
  • Online coaching or in person coaching

Cost: From US$80 per hour session


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