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Orikhu Philosophy

Original Intelligence

No one really knows how life arose on a once desolate young earth millions of years ago. But one thing is absolutely certain: life’s origin was a chemical event, sparked by air, water and (earth) rock, and fire (lightning).

Through these elements various structural and life forms formed consisting of elements, minerals, metals, oxygen, nitrogen and chemical compounds, all of which borne from a chemistry event.

Over millenia rocks became more complex things, one of which gemstones, some of the most earliest life forms.

Minerals such as gemstones grow from simple molecules into an ordered structure through chemical reactions. By the same token, all living organisms most complex of them all humans, also owe their ability to grow and function to the hundreds of chemical reactions that take place inside cells.

To support this statement, in the documentary by Nova Life’s Rocky Start the evidence is clear:
Humans are made of the same elements and chemical compounds as stars, rocks, gemstones and crystals and are thus highly affected by it.

And over time gemstones became the tools to adorn and heal man, a powerful and meaningful wellbeing tool. That is why Orikhu included gemstones as a vital part of a wellbeing enhancement strategy.

And even though most people don’t believe in it – rocks do have the power to transform life. It has the power to change and enhance life, by working with and affecting the chemical compositions of all substances.

It has the power to influence the human physique because rocks and humans contain the same bio-signature. And because gemstones are the most pure of mineral compositions – they vibrate in higher energy frequencies and emanate different qualities.

Today scientists know of 5,000 plus mineral species, each one with a distinctive chemical composition and crystal structure with their biochemical properties lending them different vibration qualities, that radiate certain frequencies.

Because all living organisms most complex of them all, humans, owe their ability to function to the hundreds of chemical reactions that take place inside cells, Orikhu’s products and services are closely tied to the deep workings of biological cells.

The body’s own internal magnetic fields are generated by the extraordinary amount of internal electrical activity that keeps it alive. These biomagnetic fields interact with all of the other magnetic fields on the planet, as bizarre as it sounds.

What’s In The Name Orikhu?

The name OriKhu means Original Intelligence (Ori – Latin English for origin and Khu – Ancient Kemet (Egyptian) meaning for intelligence).


The name was chosen because all initial intelligence originated from one landmass with water, rocks, air and lightning causing all forms of species and life – and since Africa was in the middle of it all before the continent split – Orikhu deeply reveres Africa’s wisdom and intelligence.

That’s why most of Orikhu’s concept designs are inspired by African Mythology and history…. And all wellbeing products and services inspired by Ma’ Africa.

All raw materials used in any type of product on this earth were formed over millenia, which basically means, they all represent the ‘origin of all life forms’.


Very little is written about the Khu, the intelligent and intention part of the soul as described by the ancient Egyptians. It appears in writings from the Old Kingdom, but seems to have been absorbed into the Akh (along with the Ka and Ba) by the New and Middle Kingdom that came afterwards.

The Akh (Ꜣḫ (magically effected one) was a concept that varied over the long history of ancient Egyptian belief, but it was mostly associated with the “intellect of a living entity”.

All Orikhu service applications carry with it a certain mythical origin story which is what’s encoded in each Orikhu masterpiece or experience.