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Say… I do… to your health, fitness, beauty and wellbeing…

Proven strategies that will help you lose weight and tone your body, to look and feel your absolute best on your wedding day… and night.

Every bride and groom wants to look and feel their best on the big day. 

You will look back on the photos and videos from your wedding day for the rest of your life. 

And the last thing you want to see is a version of yourself that you’re not proud of.

Most oddly, it’s how you felt that you will remember most when looking back at photos. 

How good you will look, or feel, will depend on how much time you have before the wedding…

Why you should get in shape for your wedding, is more about having super confidence than anything else.

Research shows that getting your heart rate up, working your muscles to full capacity, and eating all the right stuff, can kick your brain into super drive, so it’s not all about the looks, actually more about having the confidence to walk tall and proud.

There is no better way to start your new life with a healthy lifestyle.


Get started on a plan that will help you feel strong and beautiful – inside and out, to make you feel your best and change your mindset from…  “Yes, I Will” …to… “Yes, I Do.”

But where to begin? 

With a new fitness fad popping up every month, the world of health and fitness can be an intimidating one to figure out. 

It’s imperative that a bride spend at least a little time educating herself on weight loss and fitness. You don’t necessarily have to research the entire discipline, though meeting with a nutritionist and trainer can offer a solid indication of how you might start your regimen.

Orikhu’s team of coaches are standing ready for your call…

Accept where you are, what your genes bestowed upon you, embrace it and celebrate it

The first step is to accept your natural tendencies regarding your body shape and build. The trick is to know what’s your natural born look, the one your genes determined, and what are the parts you can actually change.

But when it comes to weight loss and getting toned, it’s the same for everyone, you can lose weight and you can tone muscle. 

Determine how much time you have before the day, as this would determine how much weight you can actually lose and how toned you can get at the same time.

Good news is – with Orikhu’s healthy lifestyle program you can see a difference remarkably quickly, but again it would depend on your commitment to the regime and routine. If it’s important enough, you will get the best results.

The sooner you begin to incorporate healthy habits, the sooner you’ll see results and the more encouraged you’ll be to keep going.

Choosing an exercise and diet plan may seem harder than deciding on your reception venue. But as with any big decision, it just takes some narrowing of choices. 

What movement?

There are four critical principles: good nutrition (movement of wholesome food through your digestive system is of major importance), cardiovascular exercise, strength training, and stretching.

All four components are necessary to reach your goals in a healthy way.

What food?

Even with a consistent workout plan, all the training in the world can’t outwork a bad diet.

Nutrition is 80% of designing your body. 

The two things to remember are the body is either going to absorb (store as fat) what you’re eating, or burn it (calories count a-lot).

Not eating enough can sabotage your weight-loss efforts just as much as overeating can. When you don’t eat enough, your body begins holding on to all the calories you consume and turns them into fat. 

So, even if you lose weight on a starvation diet, you won’t look good because the lack of nutrition will diminish your muscle mass while increasing your fat storage.

Instead of thinking about going on a diet, you want to think about it as simply choosing differently, choose to eat just enough so your body can function optimally, your goal is to lose ft and build muscle, always.

This small change in thinking can help make the process feel empowering instead of like a punishment.

What stress relief strategies?

A bride-to-be makes an average of 177 decisions during her engagement, according to the survey, so it’s no wonder you may feel stressed. 

Over and over again, the research points to one key fact: Prolonged or unremitting stress exacts a stunningly toxic toll on the body, brain, mind, and soul. Its ongoing assault wears you down, measurably aging or weathering your internal biohome.

Chronic stress zaps brain power by damaging neural pathways and skewing judgment. It compromises the immune system. It taxes the heart, kidneys, liver, and brain.

Stress makes it hard to sleep well, makes it nearly impossible to lose weight, can cause medical conditions and trigger and exacerbate flare-ups from existing conditions. This kind of stress depresses the immune system, alters moods, and damages professional and personal relationships.

For Orikhu, managing stress, is probably the most important aspect of any regime.

Save time by working out at home…. 

Dragging yourself to a gym can be extra tough when you’re already overwhelmed. It sure may sound counterintuitive to sweat yourself tired when you’re already dragging, but just by completing the workout you’d already scheduled time for, will give you a sense of accomplishment.

Lose the scale…. 

If your clothes fit better and you’re feeling better, what does it matter what the scale tells you? Process has nothing to do with a number. Many times people can lose cm while still remaining the same weight. So save yourself the stress and step away from the scale.

The only thing holding you back from feeling your best is your own mind…

A lot of times you put so much pressure on yourself: ‘I’ve got to be like this and I’ve to be perfect…. Feelings of not being good enough (applies to everything) can bring your self-esteem down significantly…


Know that you are worthy enough to have everything you want, to live a healthy life, that you’re worthy enough to have the body you want, and that it is already inside you. 

Sleep is essential…

We can’t say this enough. Sleep is the tonic for the weary and the elixir of a healthy, stress free life.

What about the groom?

Men are just as concerned with being the best version of themselves on their big day, although their primary goals often differ from women. 

Typically, male goals involve the following: lose the spare tire, lower stress levels, build more upper-body muscle, and get leaner.

Doing anything on your own is hard, but teamwork makes the vision work…

Whether it’s your bride tribe, your future spouse, or mom, get as many people on board with your goals as possible. Even if they don’t train with you, the knowledge that people are rooting for you can go a long way. 

At least the Orikhu wellbeing, health and fitness coach team, will be there to help keep you accountable and motivated.

So… how does Orikhu get you in shape?

By focusing on muscle growth, which is essential to achieving overall body leanness, you can attack, shrink, and defeat that unsightly, unhealthy fat. Muscle tightens flab, speeds metabolism, powers movement, protects from injury, and burns calories.

Here’s the process:

You contact the Orikhu office and book an assessment (this service is currently only available in South Africa)

You will meet with health, fitness, wellbeing and lifestyle optimisation expert coach, Rizel Delano, who will consult with you on your goals and aspirations, whereafter she will match you with the best trainer for you.

Costs will totally depend on what options you selected, how much effort will be put in, and the time left until your deadline date.

Start now by getting an assessment

Knowing where you are and tailoring your program accordingly is important. 

This will determine if you have any imbalances or if you’re susceptible to certain injuries, and give you an idea of the appropriate corrective exercises to do and what foods to eat.

Get a full assessment, including measuring your body fat %, muscle %, testing core strength, and flexibility.

You can’t manage anything if it’s not measured properly.

Contact Orikhu to set up an assessment and a prescription for

your weight loss, toning and stress management regime…



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