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“We shape our buildings… and afterwards our buildings shape us,” – Winston Churchill

Orikhu Understands The Power of Space and Surroundings

Orikhu Space Architecture design team creates spaces in which you, your family, guests, employees and customers unconsciously feel a sense of safety, comfort, inspiration and belonging –

meeting the most fundamental psychological needs of any human being.

Balance intelligent design with luxurious elegance and satisfaction.

| Complete interior design architecture for new developments: residential, commercial and hospitality

| Structural remodelling and improvements of any existing space


You live in relationship with the spaces you create…

By definition, all relationships are two-sided, providing a mutual dialogue within which people come to know and direct themselves when dealing with each other.

In the same way, you form a dialogue with your surrounding space, and the surrounding space, forms a dialogue with you. You are challenged by, limited by, and enabled by this surroundings.

And each thing within it, holds your extended sense of self (or of the one who designed it), influencing your sense of who you are (or not).

A city, its buildings, and your private spaces, affect your mood and wellbeing.

According to neuroscientists, specialised cells in the hippocampus region of your brain, are attuned to the geometry and arrangement of the spaces you inhabit.

Yet, urban architects have often paid scant attention to the potential cognitive effects of their creations on a city’s inhabitants, with no consideration of how it might shape the behaviour of those who will live within it. 

Today, thanks to psychological studies, designers have a much better idea of the kind of environments that shape and stimulate people’s happiness and contentment levels. 

When you engage with a place, you learn what you can and cannot do … 

A wise man once said, “A person is not inherently disempowered. He only experiences himself as being powerless when interacting within a world with barriers… “

It is the relationship he has to the physical environment that creates either the experience of empowerment or the experience of disempowerment.  

When you shape your environment so that you can engage within it with a sense of accomplishment, you literally change the way you think about yourself.

In simple terms… the psychology of space, is the interplay between man and space. 

For this reason, it’s important not to lose sight of what affects the creative and design measures of your spaces will have on your, your family, your guests’ or customers’ sense of wellbeing. 

You and the people entering the space, should feel safe, welcome and comfortable, capturing and holding your attention, giving a sense of orientation, and what feels natural for the body. 

Orikhu Space Architecture design team creates spaces in which you, your family, guests, employees and customers unconsciously feel a sense of safety, comfort, inspiration and belonging, which is the most fundamental psychological needs of any human being, reflected in all of Orikhu’s approaches toward design.

Orikhu Space Architecture is all about creating spaces that promote the pinnacle of wellbeing, but still stay true to the personalities and lifestyle of those who occupy it.

To achieve these goals, a number of disciplines are applied with a wide range of design and communication possibilities, covering architecture design, 3D layout planning, product design, selection of all materials, decor and fittings – ensuring everything is psychologically correct regarding objects, graphics and moods that tell fascinating stories about your, or the business’ deuce loci (sense of place).

Orikhu understands the power of surroundings

You and your environment are two parts of the same whole. Who you are, and what you can do in one space (office) is starkly different from who you are and what you can do in a different space (home).

Your potential is shaped by what surrounds you. Your environment reveals you, both to yourself and to other people.

Your environment thus has a profound impact on your behaviour, mindset, and success, whether you actively shape your environment or not – it shapes you all the time: how you feel it, through the way it allows you to act, behave, think and reflect. 

It may be complex, subjective and happen over time and with use, but it’s there for sure.

Most people, reactively and mindlessly respond to whatever environments they find themselves in, and thus develop a point of view leading to ineffective behaviour.

It’s vital then, to take control of your surrounding spaces and decide how you want to shape it.

When you shape your environment, you’ll have greater control over your thoughts and choices. It’s also important to realise that your environment is actually the only way you as a person can truly change.

Human beings evolved needing two key types of environments: high stress and high recovery. In both of these environments, a person is completely absorbed in their space – fully present and alive. 

  • In stressful environments (work), they’re fully and 100% on – focused and productive
  • In recovery environments (home), they’re completely off – relaxed and in recovery 

Both these environments are enriching, fulfilling, and necessary – but unfortunately rare.

With your input and direction, Orikhu creates enriched spaces that are not only structurally beautiful, but also comfortable, functional, healthy and sustainable, directed by your values and purpose for the desired space.

For work situations (high stress home or commercial offices) we create environments optimised for productivity and creativity, creating positive, confident and motivational conditions that make your success inevitable, enabling you to make quantum and radical leaps in your development. 

For down time situations (recovery at home or leisure) we create and design reset and proactive recovery environments that trigger intense relaxation, rejuvenation, and joy.

In order to become elite at anything, you need to continually shift from highly demanding environments (where you enforce your ideas) to highly restful environments (to enforce deep thought and creativity). 

In both instances, you need to be completely absorbed in each experience. 

While you’re in an enriched environment, your desired behavior is automated and outsourced to your subconscious, meaning, outsourcing your working or short-term memory to your environment. 

You don’t want to have to consciously think about your behaviours and choices anymore. Instead, you want to create environments that organically foster the behaviour you want.

You want to create environments that either force the best out of you, or allow you to fully recover, reset, and reconnect.

Good aesthetically pleasing design by its very nature provides overall wellbeing even in high stress environments…

Site selection, openness, space, access to natural light and fresh air ventilation, peace and serenity, and emphasis on the experiential qualities of the space and product – are what will create a great experience, states of wellbeing and fulfilment.

Exceptional design of impeccable quality and sophistication

Orikhu understands how to balance intelligent design with luxurious elegance and satisfaction.

All projects are designed and developed with meticulous attention to detail then brought to life by some of the best craftsmen in the world.

Ample time is invested in each project to gain a clear understanding of your aspirations and then deliver a creative and innovative concept that will translate into phenomenal spaces and environments.

Orikhu’s talented teams manage and oversee every aspect of the project to ensure your visions are delivered on time, on budget and exceeding expectations – achieving an integrated visual identity with a high level of values recognition.

Service Includes:

  • Complete interior design architecture for new developments: residential, commercial and hospitality
  • Structural remodelling of any existing space (to increase property value)
  • Interior design of any existing space that needs improvement (increase property value)
  • Project management
  • Strategic advice

The Process

Structure And Design

Provide compelling structural layout plans, detailed 3D home design visuals, and professional advice to help you save time and money, and create the best possible environment and experiences.

Once the brief is agreed, a creative team will work on a full concept Interior and Architectural Design. This will consist of CAD 3D renders, mood boards, look and feel images, layout options and budget costs for the designs presented.

Orikhu’s expert designers will leave no stone unturned in the quest to source the best building material, decorative finishes, fabrics, accessories and objets to give your space that touch of glamour.


The keystone of any property development is good space planning. Orikhu offers a complete turnkey solution that includes every aspect of property construction, extension and refurbishment, working closely with external consultants to create the layout most suited to your needs.


Superior items that reflect fashions for a timeless, sophisticated interior – mixed with extensive knowledge and experience to achieve the level of standard expected.


Work with trusted craftsmen and suppliers to deliver the best in quality and endurance. Specialised finishes and furnishings to enhance your lifestyle, theme or establishment ethos.

Project Management

Orikhu oversees every step of the journey, working closely with all consultants and trades. Ensuring that all projects are completed on time and in budget.

We understand the industry and the pitfalls and actively strive to mitigate any delays or unforeseen issues before they occur and deal with any problems in the fastest, safest and most cost effective way.

Project Tender And Permissions

Having agreed the detailed Interior Design, Architectural Design and Tender Packages, Orikhu works closely with trusted suppliers to procure accurate costs and quotations for every part of the project.

Has long standing relationships with every supplier and work hard to drive down costs and give you the best possible value for your money.  Also happy to work with your contractor, should you already have one in mind.


For clients that require a full service, Orikhu’s Architectural and Project Management teams will oversee the entire construction phase, from strip out to completion.

On hand at every step of the process to keep your project moving on time, on budget and in accordance with the permissions received. Oversee contractor payments and will chair meetings with all trades on site.

Fitted Furniture, Cabinetry, Installing, Dressing

Orikhu will dovetail all suppliers, decorators and joinery teams as per the contractor’s program to ensure the project runs as smoothly as possible and dressing every part of your new space to the agreed specification.

Suppliers are experts and carry out every aspect of the installation with great care and attention to detail.

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