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Stress Management

Stress management processes and tools allow you stop the stress-burnout cycle.

It’s not the stressors that are causing your defence mechanisms to activate; it’s your reaction to them. Clearly, there are external factors that drive stress, from overload to family challenges, but how you respond to them and how you manage that are key.

Get Stress Management Skills
If you don’t challenge it, it can turn into chronic stress and then over time into burnout, which strips away all your coping resources, physical, mental, and emotional. This can lead to serious health consequences, including cancer, stroke and depression.

The key to managing stress is control. The less control you feel, the more stress. The more overwhelmed and out of control you feel, the more stress.

Stress management coaching gives you skills to control stress triggers and reactions, because you CAN cope.

Learn how to manage the thoughts and emotions that fuel stress and get strategies to:

• Reframe and deactivate stress triggers
• Stop the hidden engine of stress: rumination
• Change self-talk and explanatory style
• Build coping resources and resilience
• Control crisis mentality and time pressure
• Deploy the most effective tension reduction processes and systems
• Improve time management and set boundaries
• Increase optimism and positive emotions


What you get:

  • A personal consultation with Orikhu prior to your workshop event
  • Development of customised content to meet your event objectives
  • Workshop delivery 

Cost: From US$400 for entire group booking


What you get:

  • Personal first consultation (depending on area this will be done via skype)
  • Online coaching or in person coaching

Cost: From US$80 per hour session

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