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Stress is a national epidemic for all genders and ages and in today’s world – a constant.

When stress doesn’t fade, and paired with feelings of having no control over the circumstances that are creating it, that’s called chronic stress.

Over and over again, the research points to one key fact: Prolonged or unremitting stress exacts a stunningly toxic toll on the body, brain, mind, and soul. Its ongoing assault wears you down, measurably aging or weathering your internal biohome.

Chronic stress zaps brain power by damaging neural pathways and skewing judgment. It compromises the immune system. It taxes the heart, kidneys, liver, and brain.

The causes and solutions to chronic stress are a complex mixture of socioeconomic, environmental, genetic, physical, and spiritual factors.

Chronic stress makes it hard to sleep well, makes it nearly impossible to lose weight, can cause medical conditions and trigger and exacerbate flare-ups from existing conditions.

This kind of stress depresses the immune system, alters moods, and damages professional and personal relationships.

There are various stress management programs or techniques you can use and the web is full of handy info to tailer a program for yourself.

But Dr. Berg’s Adrenal And Cortisol Support: Natural Stress & Anxiety Relief for a Better Mood, Focus and Relaxation – is a must have product.

It’s for everyone who wrestles with stress daily, and especially for those who are most vulnerable to the negative effects of stress hormones – and do not have the time for all sorts of anti-stress regimes.

Dr. Berg’s Adrenal & Cortisol Relief delivers natural minerals and nutrients that reduce stress, improve overall calmness, and support healthy adrenal glands. Improve your tolerance to stress and sustain healthy energy throughout the day with greater ease.

Along with the above stress support Orikhu recommends:

Get Rest & Feel Energetic During The Day With Enough Sleep

Dr. Berg has created the perfect solution for a good night’s rest. Dr. Berg’s Sleep Aid capsules are designed to support the body from stress.

With added L-tryptophan, a natural amino acid, the Adrenal Night Formula promotes healthy sleep cycles, while controlling cravings and stress that can lead to additional health issues.

This nutritional support will target and support your body stress for a more sound rest all through the night.

This formula has NO hormones (no melatonin) and NO valerian root and will not create any grogginess as you awake.

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