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Sex and Intimacy

When you take the next step in your relationship, whether you’re moving in together or got engaged, or on the verge of getting married with high expectations for the wedding night and beyond… you fully expect an exciting stage in your relationship regarding sex and intimacy.

Often this stage can be anxious, and many couples maybe scared – feeling confusing emotions and uncertainty.

Pre-marriage counselling in a safe and discreet environment, will provide you with the expert knowledge you need – guiding you to build a strong and healthy relationship foundation for your marriage.

Topics of discussion include:

  • In depth personality and values analysis for both of you
  • Understanding how you come together, what attracted you, and how to keep that alive
  • Learning how to grow through childhood and past experience wounds or trauma, and connecting now in the present
  • How to handle conflicts and relationship differences
  • Improving sex and sensuality through intimacy 
  • Understanding your individual and unique sexual desires
  • The love making and caring skills that nourish a relationship
  • Understanding each others’ deep, unconscious needs and longings

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