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Congratulations !

The question is popped, the ring fits perfectly…

Stars dazzle in your eyes… the moon shines brightly upon your dreams – you’re elated !

You’re getting married 🙂

So… what’s next?

Planning A Wedding ?

South African Brides and Co, Listen Up….

Plan Your Wedding With A Dedicated

Fully Functional Wedding Website

For every bride, having a unique, personalised, memorable wedding experience, is a top priority.

But planning the perfect wedding day that would resonate with you for the rest of your life, can become a living nightmare. 

Technology has opened the door to new ways of delivering information, and can communicate very important – not to miss messages – 24/7, all month – all year.

Creating a dedicated online space for your wedding is therefore a definite must for any 21st century couple who want to make their wedding planning easier, less stressful, more fun and most importantly – memorable, sharing it with everyone you love and cherish.

A beautiful, modern, custom designed website hosts all the details, info, project planning, anticipation and excitement for the big day in one convenient platform, designed in an efficient and elegant manner, and shared among all those invited.

Why you absolutely should have an online platform…

The goal of every good wedding website, is to give guests the details they need to properly prepare for your wedding, getting to know what’s expected of them, and to ensure a great guest experience before, leading up to, and on that day.

For you as the bridal couple, it means peace of mind, knowing that everything is organised, dusted and done just perfectly.

A custom built website will make the following a breeze:

  • Letting everybody know to save the date
  • Sending out digital invites – saving paper and ink, which is good for the environment 
  • Have a dedicated RSVP process that automatically creates a complete guest list
  • A backend guest manager to manage guest lists, keeping track of who’s coming and who’s not, or who has cancelled down the line, with a final guest count close to the end, noting dietary requirements and any special needs
  • Easy to convey a lot of information to guests, everything from when, where, what, how, who else is coming and dress codes
  • Easy to convey changes – keep everything easily up to date
  • Everyone is connected online to all wedding information and no more having to update each one separately, which is very time-consuming and frustrating
  • It’s great for posting travel and accommodation details (if it’s a destination wedding), venue details, schedules of wedding events, maps, directions, even a curated list of things to do in the area, babysitting info and more
  • Guests can leave messages and best wishes for you on the message board
  • Share info on bachelor and bachelorette parties, bridal party introductions, and who’s who…
  • It helps guests track several celebrations and multiple events over several days or last-minute changes in venues and timings
  • It makes access to gift registries a lot simpler 
  • Incorporate an easy to click cash gift contribution option, for cash deposited directly into your bank 
  • Post regularly on the blog and upload personal happenings, sharing exciting news and photos each time something exciting happens, and share your expectations of what will make the day a fairytale success
  • Give an insight into you as a couple, introducing your family and friends so all can come together almost as old friends on the big day
  • Provide the big day timeline and schedule beforehand to avoid any confusion, share the menu, seating layouts, parking arrangements, babysitting services, speech info…
  • Wedding guests will love visiting your personal wedding website and think you are a real tech savvy, organised and detailed, making their experiences of the entire event spectacular

But the most important part of having a website – is it’s a tool you can use to make the planning and organisation much easier and streamlined for all vendors with back-end admin features, such as the online project management platform.

It’s the stories and memories

That make all things in life worthwhile…

And to bring it all online, is the easiest most effective way to share it.

A website serves as a hub of everything that takes place around, probably the most important day of your life. After the ceremony, it’s a perfect place to reminisce and relive everything, cherishing it and remembering it for a long time. 

See it as an online diary, filled with your special romance story, that encapsulates all your hopes and dreams for a bright future together. Your unique journey of love: from when you met until long into the future…

It’s a great way to collect and convey all the thoughts from your most romantic inclinations. It allows you to add your own touches, your own thoughts, your own dreams, creating something that will have your own signature and heart written all over it.

Requesting guests to RSVP online is a great way to save time, save money, save the planet and help ensure the accuracy of your head count and guest’s preferences.

In the guest book, everyone has the opportunity to share their own thoughts and wishes for you, words to treasure and remember.

Once the wedding and honeymoon is over, and you no longer need the online platform, Orikhu exports all data and formulate it into attractive digital PDF files, and send it to you on a flash disk. 

You can have it printed out as you would with a wedding photo album. You can do this at any colour printing service (Postnet).

Why Orikhu?

  • More than 30 years’ expertise in corporate event management, from 2 to 20 000 people, which means we know what will make your life easier and what’s important to arrange a perfect event
  • Over 8 years expertise in website building and management, and how operations should translate to teams on the ground, making everything for everyone so much easier and pleasant
  • Pay attention to the finest detail
  • Give you a beautiful website that portrays your personality and what you want
  • Cultural sensitive to all religions and decorum
  • Having deep insight into everything about the event, the guests and planning, can help you be sensitive to moods and vendor stress, assisting you to navigate through it 
  • Brilliant story writing abilities (speciality is fiction) to capture your love story and essence like no one else can…
  • Good reputation with corporates, means trustworthiness all the more in consumer circles

Your Online Platform Website Features

Only One Full Functional Website Package

You deserve all of it…

Only one fully functional format, because weddings need all the features of an online system to function optimally, to prevent any dissatisfaction or mishaps along the line.

So the website comes standard with the following features and functions:

Save The Date Landing Page 

Sometimes you don’t have all the details yet, so we start with only one landing page with a Save The Date announcement sent with email or Whatsapp that links back to the landing page.

A video is also a smart way to engage potential guests, which functions like a teaser or a trailer reflecting your personality, and gives an opportunity to invite guests in person in the video. 

Video production is not included in the price but nowadays it’s so easy to record a selfie video to post online. We will help you do this.

Digital Email Invitations 

Design the invite according to your specifications

Sent them out on email or Whatsapp – whichever you prefer

Online RSVP System

​Guests RSVP on the website and are automatically registered and loaded onto the online guest manager. You get an email notification each time a guest RSVP.

Final RSVP reports contain guest details, including dietary requirements, food allergies, or special needs, partners and any other details you need captured.

Online wedding RSVPs save you the cost of printing RSVP inserts and allow you to also forego the cost of return envelopes and stamps. Submitting an online RSVP is often easier and faster for your guests, but the time-saving benefits to you, the wedding planner, are perhaps one of the biggest benefits of online RSVPs.

Think of the many hours you will save in checking and re-checking guest counts and keeping your guest list up-to-date. It’s also easy to make a mistake in your final counts, and online RSVPs virtually eliminate that possible.

Guest Management 

In the time leading up to the event, emails will be sent out to registered guests as and when required, ensuring they are well informed. At frequent times, you’ll receive an attendance summary, keeping you and vendors on top of everything.

Ceremony And Reception Venue And Details

Venues, date, time and expected weather conditions

Description of the wedding venue with photos, address, what type of venue, map to venue, directions, venue contact details, nearby accommodation for out of town guests (or if it’s a destination wedding), things to do in the area, and any additional info guest may need. 

Dress Codes

If you want to get specific, give guests insight on what exactly you mean by dress codes, making suggestions like ladies should stick to flats for the outdoor venue, wear only white for a exotic beach wedding, or bring a layer to cover bare skin during the religious ceremony.

Your Love Story With Text And Photos

Writing your own romance is such a great way to seal your emotions and thoughts. This is a speciality of Orikhu and we would love to help you write your story in a creative way.

Sharing your story visually, makes it easy to upload and showcase photos from your relationship timeline and milestones, from where you two grew up, how you’ve met and a few quirky things no one else knows. This will help family and partners that may not know both of you very well to get insights into what sort of things you enjoy, what’s important to you, and what you love about one another. 

Who’s Part Of The Wedding Party?

Introduce the entire wedding party to guests so they know who’s who – maid of honour, bridesmaids, best men, brothers, sisters and parents.

Gift Registry

Registries give guests a choice of items that you would really appreciate and actually make use of. Cash contributions to your honeymoon are also becoming common. Load descriptions, photos and the where they can buy the gifts from. 

Other Event Details

Bridal shower, bachelor and bachelorette party (invites sent digitally to selected guests), rehearsal dinners, breakfasts…Mother in law bonding lunch…


With the blog feature you can load and share anything and everything happening as time goes by. Interesting stories of what happened at the bachelorette and bachelors, interesting facts about the venue, the food, crisis that turned out okay, funny moments, and many other ideas to keep the excitement going.

Guest Book

Guests love the opportunity to post their best wishes for the two of you, and read what others have said. Specifically those who had to decline the invite who could not be there.

Message Board

Reminders, updates, personal messages, thank you notes…

Social Sharing

Embed your social media accounts like Facebook and Instagram onto the platform, to share live updates as time progresses. Let your guests know if you’re using a hashtag for the wedding day.


Photos from your childhood, your engagement, photos of before event, during the event, and after the event, and maybe also of your honeymoon. Also, photos or videos taken by guests can be uploaded.

Wedding Day Countdown

A countdown will build excitement.

Wedding Planning Guide + Checklist Free PDF Download

Big Day Proceeding Timeline

The wedding day schedule timeline with all logistics surrounding the ceremony, welcome drinks, reception area, housekeeping, catering schedule, and any additional events like honeymoon farewell, maybe a dinner the night before or breakfast the morning after.

Reception Menu Description

As the reception is a major part of your wedding day, it is the quality of the food and drinks, their presentation and the overall standard of service that help to make the day memorable. The menu is thus always a talking point of any menu. Share the dishes, story about the chefs, including photos of menu items, flowers, decor. 

Music Playlist & Requests By Guests

When it comes to the playlist, catering for everyone’s taste can be difficult. So let your guest suggest their favorite songs long before the event and hand it to your Dj to ensure a pleasant party enfolds and enjoyed by everyone. 

Thank You Notes And Gifts

Posted online afterwards with email and whatsapp

Hero The Vendors

Guests may need some décor for a corporate function or gifts for their anniversary party, or the chef you used, maybe even the staff. Linking to the vendors you’ve enjoyed working with will be appreciated by guests and vendors alike.

Office Stuff…

Custom Website Address

You get your own personalised website address for example: 

Hosting fee is included for 12 months but can be extended for long after the wedding if you prefer.

Website Design

Colours, feel, and ambiance of your choice.

Website Maintenance

Even though we’ll teach you how to add blog content if you want, most just don’t have the time, which is why Orikhu acts as the webmaster to do everything for you from start to end. All included in the upfront cost.

Website Termination

Once the wedding and honeymoon are over, and you no longer need the online platform, Orikhu exports all data and formulate it into attractive digital PDF files, and send it to you on a flash disk. 

You can have it printed out as you would with a wedding photo album. You can do this at any colour printing service (Postnet).


Once off upfront fee of ZAR7800

(Seven thousand eight hundred South African Rand)

Payment: 50% of total fee upon project agreement. Remainder 50% upon webpage completion (about 7 days thereafter)

Cost includes:

  • Free wedding planner checklist 
  • Initial save the date landing page
  • Assistance with a personalised video
  • A complete wedding website as outlined above
  • Digital invitations sent 
  • RSVP system
  • Guest Management System
  • All back-end admin features
  • All website functions and updates leading up to the wedding day for a max of 12 months
  • Free training on the guest system – or we will do it for you – for free
  • Revisions are done at one time every two weeks to avoid continuous back and forth. We make notes of as and when new information becomes available and update such biweekly
  • Monthly hosting fee is included for 12 months (total R1020), thereafter charged for as long as you want the site visible. Rates would depend on hosting fee at that time normally around R85 per month
  • Provide technical support throughout
  • Once the day is over, and you no longer need the online platform, Orikhu exports all data onto attractive digital files, and delivers it to you on a flash disk. 

Orikhu does everything for you – saving you time, stress headaches and pains.

You will have your own webmaster dedicated to your project to ensure your unique combination of personality, tastes, wishes and requirements are accurately reflected.

Orikhu helps you make the best use of your wedding website, ensuring your day is as perfect as it can be with less stress, and far better memories.

What you need to do next…

Contact Orikhu




Click one of the above to get in touch and collaborate over Email or Whatsapp…

If you reside in Pretoria or Johannesburg we can meet up in person to discuss everything in detail after out chat.

Or Leave a Message…

Auxiliary Services

Graphic Design

If you need to print anything, to augment your online digital offerings, here’s what Orikhu can help you design:

  • Invitations
  • RSVP cards
  • Invitation accessories (maps, directions, program, itinerary)
  • Bridal shower invites
  • Bachelor and bachelorette party invites
  • Wedding ceremony program
  • Dinner seating cards
  • Welcome kit (for destination weddings)
  • Parting gift souvenir cards
  • Thank-you cards

Venue Scouting + Recommendations

Work takes us everywhere, so Orikhu has a vast selection of venue knowledge to give recommendations, afterall, this is probably the most important aspect of your wedding, with many of the planning taken care of by the in-house venue teams, which can save you time and money.

Vendor Recommendations

Orikhu also have a few super great wedding service partners, venues and vendors we can recommend and call upon – if and where needed.

Creative Content Production

Due the work we do in many sectors of the economy, Orikhu has various very talented photographers and videographers as service providers, who can make your wedding day seem like a fairytale movie.

Project Management

As experienced and seasoned event managers, Orikhu can project manage your entire wedding celebration, like any other normal wedding planner would. With years of experience we know how to keep everything in budget, negotiate the best vendor and venue deals possible, and produce a smooth event.

Get In Shape For Your Honeymoon

Lifestyle optimisation coaching sessions that include nutrition, movement (exercises), weight loss, self-care and stress management techniques so you can look and feel your absolute best, on your wedding day and on your honeymoon. For brides and grooms.

Looking And Feeling Good Naked

Orikhu also offers a very discreet and tasteful Sensual Touch Intimacy coaching session so you know what your partner would expect between the sheets. A confident, foolproof kickstart to a happy and everlasting love affair together.

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