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Your Prescription: Quick Reference Grey Hair Routine and Product Outline

Looking good is by no means about looking younger:  

It’s more about showing up as the real authentic you…

In the specific ways you choose to feel confident, beautiful, elegant, experienced, capable and alive.

Stop dying hair, and going totally grey is not for everyone, and you may want to stall a little longer…


When you do decide to finally take the plunge, this guide is a handy prescription to follow.

Age and experience is a beautiful thing, and embracing natural grey hair (silver or white) is hugely liberating.

Think about grey hair as just another colour choice and a necessary rights of passage…

Like Magdalena Rod said on the Gray and Proud Facebook Group:

“I am embracing this aging with grace idea….let’s be natural, let’s wear our silver crowns like we earned them, because we did. Let’s be -as well as be regarded as- the sage elder who carries wisdom, let’s move gracefully ever toward that esteemed title of crone, and let’s spare our bodies and the earth from the chemicals that come with coloring our hair. Aging with grace is the goal…are you with me?”

Maintaining grey hair is NOT the same process as before…

It’s key to keep hair looking bright, shiny, and healthy so not to look old and washed out.

The focus of your hair care routine should always be to avoid yellow tones, improve hydration, increase keratin protein for strength and brightness, use antioxidants to minimise free radicals, and maintain a healthy body-interior.


Melanin helps protect hair against free radical damage: Without this pigment, gray hair is vulnerable to discoloration (yellowing or dulling) from free radical oxidation, chemical products, smoking, sun (UV) damage, chlorine or the mineral deposits in water, and environmental pollutants – making it dry, brittle with yellow and brassy undertones that can age your look.

Protect against sun damage: Without melanin protection, the UV light melts the cortex, making the hair more brittle and damaged. So just like your skin, you need to protect gray hair against the sun. Use a SPF protectant spray just before a day out in the sun, and wear a hat or scarf when exposed for long periods of time.

Protect against hard (pool and tap water): If you swim, rinse hair thoroughly with water afterwards so that it doesn’t get dry with chlorinated water, or wear a swim cap. If your tap water contains a lot of mineral deposits, consider getting a shower filter that attaches to the water outlet.

Avoid the smoke: From smoking cigarettes and environmental smog. Smoking or sitting in a smoke-filled environment can lead to a yellowish tone on grey hair which can be very hard to remove.

Scan ingredient lists: Limit the use of chemicals on your hair.  Easier said than done as the moment a product is manufactured for commercial use, it needs some sort of preservation to last on shelves. Go absolute natural if you can. If not then learn all about harmful products used in hair care and try to avoid those products used. More info on harmful products are here and here.

Limit Heat Styling: Heat styling is a top contributor of cuticle damage, causing blistering, cracking, lifting and abrasion.



Blue or purple toning shampoo

Apply a shampoo with blue or purple tone once or twice a month

To even out – or neutralise overall colour, use a blue-purple pigmented hair shampoo once to twice a month.

Depositing small amounts of toner over time will eliminate brassy or yellow tones and leave a purer grey tone.

Depending on how much corrective pigment your hair needs, try just shampoo for a light toning effect.

Blue or purple toning Conditioner

Use in conjunction with purple shampoo or on it’s own once or twice a month.

Despite the shampoos being darker in colour, it’s the conditioners that contain more pigment.

If your hair is quite brassy, use just the conditioner.

If you use too much purple products and your hair has a slight blue tinge to it, don’t panic – it’s just temporary – it will rinse out with the next clarifying shampoo day.

Clear gloss

Use a clear gloss once a month, or at least once a season (every three to four months), to seal in moisture and smooth out your hair.

While every hair color looks best when it’s shiny – gray shades thrive when they’re glossy.

A gloss is a temporary semi-permanent treatment that gives shine and lustre, evens out tones, reduces hair’s porosity, and keeps away frizz.

It fills the hair; closing the cuticles, overlaying the strand, and creating a protective shield and a smooth surface that light bounces off from for immense shine.

Glosses are ideal if you need to fill porosity in hair. It’s very acidic and closes the hair and the cuticle real tight. The result is a very smooth surface texture that will reflect a lot more light and have a much softer feel to it.


Although a chemical treatment hair gloss does not come with harsh chemicals like ammonia and peroxide

Stylists describe it as a stain for the hair. It fades over several weeks. There is no developer, no chemical or colour change takes place in the hair. It seals the hair and gives shine.

The product helps you get elastic, vibrant, smooth, hydrated, and rejuvenated hair.



Regular haircuts

Stay neat and sharp with a fashionable and regular haircut.

Whatever the style keep it neat. Gray hair can start to look unruly if it’s not trimmed frequently enough.

Trim your hair every six to eight weeks to keep broken strands and split ends under control.

Keeping the cut in shape makes the difference in how good gray hair looks.


Find a style that suits your face no matter what people say about grey hair styles… short or long.

There is absolutely no need to keep it short. Long hair actually looks far more elegant and you can still look seductive that way.

Short hair may actually make you feel old and over the hill. But it’s totally a personal opinion and POV.

Experiment with all styles – keeping the same hairstyle is one of the biggest age giveaways, so changing it up could be for the best.

Styling to frame the face or give added length can make the best of your features.


Clarifying shampoo

Clarifying shampoos (also known as purifying, detox and deep-cleansing) – are designed to remove stubborn build-up from silicones, pomades, gels, waxes, moisturisers or old gunk from styling products, mousses, hairsprays, hard water minerals and chemicals.

Use specially formulated clarifying shampoo for grey hair.

Clarifying shampoos contain fewer conditioning agents, and more surfactants, in order to clean the hair as thoroughly as possible.

Use clarify shampoo first then deep-condition.

This step will keep your white hair brilliant and glossy.


Make sure your shampoo says it is pH-balanced with a microbiome content for scalp – and avoid those that are alkaline. Alkaline shampoos strip the hair’s natural oils and disrupt the acid mantle, causing dehydration and leading to porous, fragile hair” (The DermaDoctor SkinStruction Manual, 2005).

You can also rinse hair after your wash routine using a lemon/water rinse or an apple cider vinegar rinse. But do not use baking soda (bicarbonate of soda) With a pH of 9 – a 100 times more basic than water – baking soda is a known alkaline irritant (Journal of Cutaneous Pathology, 1989). It will cause your hair to dry out and break over time.

Apple Cider Vinegar Has Some Benefit – fighting dandruff, and can fight certain fungal infections. But Can Still Make Hair Brassy. And lemon juice solutions also may cause your hair to become lighter, drier, and more brittle over time.

If you want to use these – make sure to use in conjunction with hydrating oils.



Deep-conditioning mask treatment

Apply a deep-conditioning mask treatment once a week.

To replace the oils and sebum that the sebaceous glands in the follicle slowed in producing.

And to feed and hydrate the keratin in the hair cortex and shaft which are held together by disulphide and hydrogen bonds (the cortex, is the primary source of mechanical strength and water uptake)

Massage the scalp while shampooing with the clarifying shampoo, then apply the mask, massaging it in for 5 – 8 minutes. Hair massage is also a wonderful stress relieving treatment.


Look for products formulated with natural oils and botanicals, and keratin protein as they provide natural reparative benefits for hair that’s brittle, parched and stressed from day to day tear and wear.

These products are formulated to replenish natural nourishing hair oil and restore moisture to keep your hair shiny, soft and manageable.



Hair Growth Serum

Weekly hair growth herbal serum treatments encourage faster growth, stronger and thicker hair which will remain moisturized and conditioned.

Serums are normally very special concentrated blend of botanicals, herbs and essential oils known for their hair growth properties to stimulate your scalp and encourage growth.


Natural oil treatments

Use weekly before clarifying shampoo.

These products generally mimic the oils made in the hair root to keep hair moisturized and looking lustrous.

It penetrates deep into the scalp to revitalise hair follicles and can also promote new hair growth.


Use a hair straightener once a week or twice a month to reverse signs of damage and repair hair, making them stronger and less prone to breakage.

Look for products that contain nourishing oils, silicons, hydrolyzed keratin or amino acids for hair.

Products with panthenol or Keravis (Hydrolysed Vegetable Protein PG-Propyl Silanetriol).


Hair glaze

Use a salon-quality, at-home hair glaze treatment weekly.

A hair glaze is a chemical hair treatment that contains lightweight water-soluble silicones and conditioning elements that provide noticeably reflective shine, vitality, luster and silky vibrancy.

It also contains protective compounds that shield your hair against pollution and heat.

It moisturizes hair and adds elasticity to each strand.

contains ceramides that penetrate the hair cuticles to seal the surface. This way, your hair becomes soft, bouncy, and shiny in just one use. Usually, these treatments last for up to two weeks.


Hair glaze help minimize frizz and the look of dryness, making your hair touchable, soft, and smooth. Suitable for all hair types, these easy-to-use rinse-off formulas are a great – it will help boost your hair and make it look more vibrant and rich.

A glaze is different from a gloss but they both work to make your hair glow and glaze. The differences are:

Hair glaze creates a temporary shine and is not made with ammonia or peroxide. It merely coats the hair or laminates the strands for more shine to complement the hair color – and may only work for a week or two.

A gloss (the one recommended to use every month or season) closes the hair cuticle and fills the hair, making it smooth and devoid of any inconsistencies. They last longer than glaze counterparts – can last up to 6 weeks.




Use everyday mild Shampoo + Conditioner

With grey hair it’s often recommended to only wash every second or third day to preserve natural oil, but this is up to you and you should experiment to see how often will be suitable for your type of hair.

Look for a mild shampoo that will maintain clarity, hydration, give moisture and vibrancy and help protect gray hair from becoming brittle. Also ensure it supports the healthy microbiome of the scalp with good bacteria.

And a conditioner that contains antioxidants and UV protection against any environmental damage – with vitamin B5 to bolster your hair’s structure.

Leave-in conditioners

Recommended for long grey hair – use every time you wash your hair – apply after wash and before you dry it – leave in to dry.

Hair brushes

Use gentle brushes that cause minimum breakages.

Brush your hair nightly to distribute oils from the scalp to the ends – it will soon leave your hair shiny and healthy


Microfiber towels to dry hair…

Use a microfiber towel to dry hair after each wash or treatment.

It’s less fluffy than a regular cotton towel far more ideal for drying grey hair.

It absorbs water much more rapidly without the need for rubbing and friction, meaning less breakage


Regular cotton towels are woven with a looser framework and have larger loops. This causes more frizz and friction
Using a traditional towel to dry soaking wet hair is maybe the worst. The coarse texture and dryness of a normal towel can cause damage to hair: worsen split ends and cause small craters along the hair shaft, weakening the hair and creating frizz.

Being just around 100 times finer than a human hair, a square inch on a microfiber towel holds close to 200,000 fibers, which creates a larger surface area in which to absorb moisture.




Heat protective sprays and serums

Use a lightweight, multipurpose heat protective spray serum before applying heat for sleek, smooth, shiny hair which will tame fly-away hair and protects against humidity.

Use for a beautiful, flawless, long-lasting blow dry.

Avoid intensive heat styling and do not overuse heating tools like blow-dryers and flat irons – heat can make grey hair even more dehydrated and can also yellow or tint your hair.

Use a finish spray infused with shine-boosting argan or almond oil that will help bring out the silver tones.

Apart from creating an invisible shield, the formula should also work to hydrate, strengthen, and reverse environment effects on hair.


Make sure all products are alcohol free TO prevent additional dryness.

Seek products with vitamin B5 to bolster your hair’s structure.
Avoid styling products that have gold tints
Avoid heavy styling products, such as thick waxes and greasy pomades which weigh down hair and often give gray hair a dusty look or unappealing coating

When blow-drying, keep the dryer at least 6 to 12 inches away from your head.



Volumizing Mousse

For bolder styles, turn to a lightweight alcohol-free volumizing mousse and brush gentle with a barrel brush, which will give your hairdo a healthy lift.

Style-finish Hair Spray

Style-finish hair with alcohol-free shine boost spray to control frizz, a common issue for brittle gray hairs, and to lend your locks a healthy but subdued sheen.

Even though you want to go easy on heat appliances, straightening gray hair can add some glitz to your look.

Gray hair reflects light, which is highlighted by keeping it smooth.


Ensure it has a SPF value to protect against sun



Flat iron

Try to avoid it, but when used in conjunction with heat protective products the finished look can pay off the risk


Take care of your entire look – create the right image

You can do so much to keep your faces and bodies looking young, there’s no need to think gray hair will necessarily make you look older.

If you care for the rest of your face, body and overall appearance there is no reason why you will look out dated.

Diane Keaton, Emmylou Harris, and the rest of the silver all-stars are all still gorgeous women and don’t lack for sex appeal (71% of respondents in a Prevention poll say women with gray hair can be sexy, whereas 78% say the same for men).

But feeling like a celebrity would require to bring all the pieces of your puzzle together, and become the best possible version of yourself.

We all want to look and feel marvelous, beautiful, confident, exciting and content.

Thus, if you feel one of the pieces in your puzzle need a revamp to fit into your new lifestyle then get a complete makeover from an image consultant.


Personal image consultants help their clients develop and project a desired image through grooming, clothing selection, and, in many cases, training in etiquette and self-presentation.




Nutrition Guide For Healthy Grey Hair – Food + Supplements

For your body to perform optimally and stay healthy, you need to take in the right nutrients on a daily basis.

Just like your body, your hair too needs a daily dose of vital minerals and vitamins for it to grow properly, otherwise it will grow dull and, within time, start breaking.


Generally, eating a healthy diet that contains protein (amino acids) fat (fatty acids) and vitamins and minerals is necessary for healthy hair.

Learn more in this guide… Nutrition Guide For Healthy Hair

Any deficiency will typically show first in the hair and supplements need to be taken.

Learn more in this supplement guide for healthy hair: Best Supplements For Healthy Hair

Sleep on a silk pillowcase…

The smooth texture of the silk doesn’t grab at your hair strands, so you’ll wake up with glossier hair – and an added bonus is the way it will prevent sleep creases on your face too.

Get enough sleep

8-10 hours a day is widely recommended.


Sleep deprivation can affect the body’s ability to repair and regenerate, which can influence hair growth.

Lack of sleep affects the immune system, impacting stamina and the levels of hormones secreted by your body.

This internal disturbance could lead to Telogen Effluvium, a type of temporary hair loss brought on by stress.

Manage Stress Levels

Stress leads to micro-inflammation of hair follicles that makes hair weaker as it grows out and even causes you to shed more than usual. Increased levels of stress hormones, mainly cortisol, disrupt the hair cycle.

It’s not the stressors that are causing your defence mechanisms to activate; it’s your reaction to them. Clearly, there are external factors that drive stress from overload to family challenges, but how you respond to them and how you manage that are key.



If you don’t challenge it (cortisol), it can turn into chronic stress and then over time into burnout, which strips away all your coping resources, physical, mental, and emotional. This can lead to serious health consequences, including cancer, stroke and depression.

The key to managing stress is control. The less control you feel, the more stress. The more overwhelmed and out of control you feel, the more stress.

This Stress Management Program May Be Helpful

Dealing with the concept of going grey – ageing…

Focus on keeping your brain sharp and your body strong

Because that’s what’s really going to keep you looking, and feeling young and full of confidence

Aging beautifully isn’t just about how you look. Instead, it is a process of becoming completely, unapologetically yourself. It’s about being beautiful inside and out. It’s about letting go and pursuing what really matters.

See how Anne Kreamer coped with it…

How to Embrace Your Authentic Self with Grace and Style

Anne Kreamer is the former executive vice-president and worldwide creative director of Nickelodeon/Nick at Nite, and a co-founder of SPY magazine. She currently writes a monthly column for Martha Stewart Living and is a former columnist for Fast Company. Kreamer lives in Brooklyn with her husband, novelist and journalist Kurt Andersen, and her two daughters.


When 49-year-old Anne Kreamer saw a horrifying photo of her harshly dyed brown hair, she realized she wasn’t kidding anyone. So she set out a plan: over the next few months she would give up her weekly visits to the salon and let her hair go its natural way. The result is Going Gray: an exploration of that experience and a frank, funny, and unflinchingly wise investigation of aging today. Through interviews, experiments, and surprising personal acounts, Kreamer probes the issues behind two of the biggest fears mature women face: Can I be sexually attractive as a gray-haired middle-aged woman? and Will I be discriminated against in the work world? In searching for the balance between attrectiveness and authenticity, Kreamer offers an entertaining and valuable look at the politics and personal costs of our definition of “aging gracefully.”


More stories on going grey are complied in this book:

Filled with testimonies (and great pictures) that explain women’s whole transition.

Get Socially Involved

Join social groups. There’s nothing more supportive than knowing others deal with the same issues, and get to know how they deal with it.

Join these FaceBook groups for support and courage

Grey and Proud Tribe Group on Facebook

Going grey gracefully

For women that have decided to stop spending $$$, and stopped being married to the time restraints that coloring their hair every few weeks puts on them.

Beauty Reinvented created by Nikol Johnson-Sanchez.

Silver Hair Revolution


Follow Grombre on Instagram

The account features women of all ages with various stages of gray and graying hair. “Grombre” is a play on “ombré,” a trend in hair color that was ubiquitous a few years ago. The look could be anything from a gradual color gradation to a more severe dip-dyed look with a demarcated line between the two colors. In this case, gray is one of the colors.

Now, go forth and get your most fabulous hair ever…

Keep in mind…

Most people are insecure about something, it could be anything…

So don’t be afraid to challenge your own insecurities and simply say:  

“World, here I am, the good, the bad, and the everything in-between…”

When you look in the mirror with that new glittering silver-white hairdo you know it may not be perfect, like nothing is in life, but it is the best you can do right now, and it is great.

Live life, be happy, be free, just be… content.

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